New Moon in Aquarius

I love it when there’s a palpable feeling of change in the air!

We have just celebrated Imbolc, the advent of Spring signalling new life in the Celtic/pagan calendar (1-2 February), and for North American readers, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow on Groundhog Day (2 February), so an early Spring is predicted (we’ll have to wait and see if Phil is aware of climate change).

This also an auspicious New Moon in the Hindu calendar, known as Mauni Amavasya, or the no-moon day of silence. On top of that, today rings in the New Year for the Chinese (Pigs will fly!), Vietnamese (Têt), and Tibetans (Losar) so things feel pretty uplifting right now. Let’s take whatever inspiration we can get while it’s on offer!

The vision we had of our life just over 18 months ago is nothing like what we’re seeing for ourselves today. The cycle of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius changed how we saw our personal expression within society and now we’re grappling with how to make that work.

Monday’s Aquarius New Moon marks the first conscious steps in a new direction that was inspired or perhaps imposed by events around the latest eclipses. Old goals and dreams are being dropped or revised to fit the current situation better.

The moon’s favourable connection to Jupiter in Sagittarius helps us feel inspired by our new goals or plans, and the supportive aspect from Mars means we should also take action to make it happen. It’s not the time to watch and wait.

The stories we tell ourselves are powerful. They often limit us in our identity and potential. Mercury, symbolising communication and very close to the Sun and Moon, suggests a new vision for our lives: a new story and a new way of telling the story are all supported now.

Learn to sit with the ever-changing dynamic of life and trust that you will know what to do when the time is right. Worrying about and trying to plot the steps to take will just mess up the journey. Life is simply an overlapping series of tasks, experiences and realisations. If we can trust in the process of life itself, we will know exactly when to keep up the effort and when to pull back and wait.

Astrology helps us understand the cycles and probabilities much like a weather report, but should never be relied upon to dictate—nor used as an excuse for—-our actions or behaviour. We can’t abdicate responsibility for the shape of our lives. We know deep inside what we should be doing at all times, and this guidance will be ever clearer to the degree we allow ourselves to disconnect from the seldom questioned social and cultural imperatives surrounding us.

Change can only come by refusing one thing and choosing another in its place. We can’t lug it all forward with us. So what needs to go, and what needs inviting in? You might like to sit with those questions and see what filters through around the time of the New Moon this evening at 22:04 CET.

With love and light,

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