Healing with the Virgo Full Moon

The Full Moon in Virgo (Tuesday, February 19th at 16:54 CET) is the fourth of five in a row in the very first degree of their sign. It marks the culmination or fruition of something that was seeded last August’s Virgo New Moon. Virgo represents healing and service, as well as finding deeper meaning and answers to life’s big questions.

A Full Moon happens due to the astronomical opposition of the Sun (in the Zodiac sign of Pisces) and Moon (in Virgo). The Pisces-Virgo axis symbolises our purification leading to spiritual progress. Once this Full Moon starts to wane, you might like to begin a purifying diet, a mono-diet or a fast of some kind. Indeed, this is the time of year when all spiritual traditions encourage fasting and letting go of bad habits.

Mercury in harmonious connection to Saturn at this time will help make problem-solving, planning and practical decisions easier. What you are unconsciously choosing might be blocking what your think you want; take a close look at your behaviour to see where what you do is not aligning with what you think or say you want! Healing happens deep down.

The big news is that Chiron is finally moving out of Pisces today (Monday, 18 February) after hovering at the very last degree of that sign for the past few weeks, which may have brought up feelings of uncertainty, confusion and disillusionment. Wherever Chiron has been affecting your natal chart over the last eight years it will have also created that kind of reaction in your personal experience.

If you were born between 1961 and 1969, you will have had your Chiron return in the past 8 years, or be right in the middle of it for those from late ’68-’70. If you were born from 1969 to 1977, your Chiron return is coming up soon: it happens between the ages of 49-51.

Chiron transits in general, and the Chiron return especially, are often accompanied by an illness that might require stepping back or disengaging from our usual role in life. It’s not in vain: it helps us recognise that part of ourselves that can never be wounded or ill.

Now, with Chiron in the last degree of the entire zodiac, deep feelings of inadequacy or disappointment can seem more heightened, and confusion around life goals or direction is perhaps even a source of suffering for some.

It’s not a bad thing if you are feeling confused or disillusioned because we are here to find our own path and if by putting faith in someone else’s opinion or belief you have given up your own power of discernment then you have already lost your path anyway. It’s never too late to reclaim it!

Everything should be questioned. Stay open to being wrong and especially to your teachers being wrong or at least no longer right for you. This allows you to advance more quickly as long as you don’t stay attached to the worry that things are not progressing in the ‘right’ way. Living in the space of not knowing is actually closer to the truth of our human condition. If we can recognise that this has always been this way, and the only difference is we chose to believe that we knew what was going on, we really will have a much more graceful path going forward.

Allow messages and intuitions to arise in the quiet illumination of the Full Moon. This is always the best use of these cycles, and you will find even more insight into your life right now. Living with the energy of the moon’s phases allows you to reconnect regularly with your deepest wisdom and guidance.

Look out for things to shift in the days and weeks ahead as Chiron enters Aries and starts a whole new 51-year cycle (find out more about that here). Many of the people I’m talking to are feeling a powerful urge to shed something that has been lingering too long. This urge first came to a head last spring when Chiron dipped into Aries for a few months, and you might have noticed a feeling of just being ‘done’ with something central but old in your personal life. Bye Felicia!

Soon Uranus will make its big shift into Taurus, and the combined symbolic message of these two planets is the need for us to take more responsibility for our own healing and food sources. What does that look like for you?

Find out more about what’s coming up in the weeks and months ahead at the Full Moon Meditation on Tuesday, 19 February from 19:30 to 21:00 or so. Contact Susan to reserve your place!

With much love and light,