WTF Life?!

Yesterday’s total lunar eclipse in Leo triggered issues of self-expression and individuality and how that fits with what society wants or seems to require. This is awkwardly combined with the awareness of where we might not be taking good enough care of ourselves or nurturing our families and home life while balancing social roles.

Eclipses feel like the universe is temporarily holding its breath. Wait for the cosmic exhale: the edginess of these past few weeks will dissipate in the next few days. By the beginning of next week we’ll see the details of our big dream starting to get clearer so we’ll know better what we can actually do about it.

Something that has been brewing for the past 18 months or 2 years is trying to emerge in these next six months; it will carry you forward into the next 18 years with a new emphasis or even a whole new life direction. Don’t rush it, but don’t wait for things to be perfect, either (they never are, but you already knew that).

Mars in Aries wants everything to be go, go, go! Not now, yesterday! But it is squaring Saturn in Capricorn which wants us to sloooow doooown and do the thoughtful groundwork before taking off. So it might feel like driving with the hand brake on, or for some of us, it feels more like one foot on the brake and the other on the accelerator – which pedal should you let up first?

Once the emotional charge has lifted we can more calmly move forward with what we want to change or accomplish going into February.

Venus in Sagittarius has us feeling like reaching out to others, and relationships and partnerships expand into new possibilities as she makes her yearly connection with Jupiter from 21-23 January. It’s the only available relief from the stress and tension of these past few weeks, so be sure to reach out where you can or need to do so. It’s also a good time to ask for what you want to feel more secure – a loan, a pay rise, and support of any kind.

At the same time, Jupiter is expanding the energy of Neptune in the first of the three challenging squares between them in 2019. This can lead to a tendency to want to zap out, self-medicate, or avoid what we collectively think of as “reality” or it can lead to poor judgement and (even more) deceptions and scandals. To firm things up, lean on the Mars-Saturn square that reminds us there is something urgent that needs doing. Get up, shake a leg, and take the first small step towards what is needed.

I now invite exactly what I need for this moment in time. 
I release all fears that keep me from moving forward and I look forward to the changes that allow me to become fully myself.

This eclipse is even more unpredictable and unnerving than most because Uranus is squaring the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, which can signify a shock to the collective consciousness/societies/communities. We have to navigate this energy personally and socially, so finding your centre and deepening your spiritual practice will be important for keeping (finding?) a healthy perspective. The South Node on Saturn suggests connecting with your ancestors, calling on their support or using their wisdom traditions would also a helpful thing to do at this time.

Ephemeral Artwork by Jack Frost 😉

Meanwhile, Saturn is slowly closing in on its rare conjunction with Pluto, signifying the grinding, inexorable, paradigm-shifting breakdown and reform of all structures of power and control (church/state/corporate) as happened the last time they met in Capricorn in January 1518. This was just weeks after Martin Luther raised his protestations with the Catholic church… what corrupt abuses of power need reformation now?

When Saturn meets Pluto in difficult aspects (conjunctions, oppositions or squares) it teaches us something about the right use of power. These themes will dominate the next two years, and Jupiter moving into Capricorn at the end of this year will blow it up even more. Look for a future post on that extremely rare and paradigm-shifting energy later this year.

Since Pluto entered Capricorn in late 2008, the major economic and financial upheaval that tore up global economies at the time were glossed over instead of provoking the kind of transformation needed for overall sustainability. A return to business as usual at all costs resulted in the largest transfer of wealth in history, with President Obama–despite hopes to the contrary–bending over backwards to give the corrupt banks and other interests whatever protection they wanted while destroying the middle classes.

The effects have been felt everywhere and paved the way for right-wing extremism/nationalism as well as the leaders who drive it to creep in from the fringes and become a serious political movement around the world. We’re now in the lead up to the collective reckoning that must take place in 2020, if not before.

The past decade has been a period of constant upheaval, revolution and division. We’re in the final phase of a long cycle of 200 years (more on that another time) between now and the end of 2020. This eclipse was the end that marks another beginning. A new response is needed to the crisis we are in, personally and collectively, and 2019 is the point of no return.

How do you see the life you want? Not the car, the soft furnishings or the family holidays–the LIFE you want? How does your current way of living contribute to the welfare of the people and nature around you? What if the disasters that happened to other people–seen from a safe distance on the daily news–started happening to you? What could you fall back on when nothing around you is recognisable any more?

Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumb-nail.

~ Henry David Thoreau

This is the time to develop resilience, living from the inside out. Simplify, consume less, free yourself up for what matters most in every moment.

A Leo moon cries out to be yourself, to be uniquely radiant, and to live open-heartedly. Opposite the Sun in Aquarius, we are being shown the way to do this on behalf of the greater good. Combined with an eclipse, you know that the way you’ve been operating for the past 18 years is truly done, and it’s time to step forward with everything you’ve learned since then.

With much love and light as always,

Aries Sun or Ascendant:  The Total Lunar Eclipse happens in your 5th house of creative projects, enterprise, children and children’s affairs, risk-taking, fun and romance – conclusions and developments occur in these areas of your life.  Take care of your health and energy levels while your ruler, Mars, squares Saturn from your 1st house of self to 10th house of work, career, public and reputation.  Joy and expansion can be found in travels and pilgrimages, higher educational pursuits and adventures.

Taurus Sun or Ascendant: The Total Lunar Eclipse happens in your 4th house suggesting culminations and conclusions or endings in the areas of your home, family, those you live with, your residence and your parents (especially mother).  Travel, siblings, your surrounding community and communications are also involved in this closure. Take care of any subconscious fears or anxiety attached to your publishing, marketing and travel activities – you might feel some limitations. To balance things out, gifts, finances and support from others offer uplifting assistance.

Gemini Sun or Ascendant: The Total Lunar Eclipse happens in your 3rd house of commercial activity, agreements, communications, your neighbourhood, siblings, cousins, educational pursuits, short-distance or pragmatic travels.  You may be finishing a writing project, course of study or travel plans.  Patience is needed with resources, friends, future activity and support mechanisms – watch the budget.  You get support from important other people in your life.

Cancer Sun or Ascendant: The Total Lunar Eclipse happens in your 2nd house of earnings, resources, self-esteem and material goods bringing personal culminations and developments that affect your personal identity and plans. You might be experiencing a crisis of confidence at some point over the next year or so. Tension or increased responsibility might be seen regarding authority figures, parents and/or career obligations.  Work, health habits, and your daily life are positively supported through the partners you encounter and depend upon in connection to your daily responsibilities and services.

Leo Sun or Ascendant: The Total Lunar Eclipse happens in your 1st house of self, identity, appearance and personal life developments. A completion phase in a very personal cycle that began 18 months ago is now reaching its end. Take your time with work, travel, employees, your health and educational plans; you might need patience or to work through restrictions in some circumstances. Venus and Jupiter are together in your 5th house of children, love, creativity and life’s pleasures bringing more optimism and goodwill to balance things out.

Virgo Sun or Ascendant: The Total Lunar Eclipse happens in your 12th house of mental health, psychic awareness, philanthropy, dreams, solitude and contemplative practices. A situation is concluding or shifting regarding other people’s health, themes of personal sacrifice, addictions, esoteric awareness and physical health. Nurture your psychological and financial well being regarding your children, love life or creative projects – patience and slowing down are important now. Your home, family and personal life provide positive developments as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in your 4th house of emotional security all this week, setting the tone for weeks ahead.

Libra Sun or Ascendant: The Total Lunar Eclipse happens in your 11th house of your goals, future, dreams, friends and collective activities and associations. You might find that some friends leave or are left behind, new friendships are formed and fresh dreams are envisaged. With family members and people close to you, beware of sensitivities and edginess. Responsibility and hard work are big themes at this eclipse. Expansion and positivity come through interactions with others, your neighborhood, siblings, cousins and forward-thinking communications.

Scorpio Sun or Ascendant: The Total Lunar Eclipse happens in your 10th house of career, status and reputation, involving authority figures and your life direction. You may be leaving your current job, a boss or other authority may have surprising news, your reputation regarding your work may be acknowledged and some aspect of your life direction is validated. Work, health, and communications might feel restrictive or you’ll feel an increased responsibility.  Money, earnings and validation for your talents and abilities are highlighted around the eclipse.

Sagittarius Sun or Ascendant:  The Total Full Moon Eclipse happens in your 9th house of foreign affairs, foreign or long-distance contacts, travel and pilgrimages, education, and higher philosophy. Your find confirmation now or a situation is finally reaching a conclusion in these areas so you can welcome new opportunities in these areas in the weeks and months ahead.  You might experience tension or restrictions in your love life, with your children, resources and earnings. You will feel expansive and optimistic now as Venus and Jupiter come together in your 1st house of self, personal plans and new developments.

Capricorn Sun or Ascendant: The Total Lunar Eclipse happens in your 8th house of marriage, shared resources, financial issues (investments, debt/credit, big payouts, commissions, your life partner’s resources and earnings) and psychological shifts. A burden may be lifted, or will soon lift, allowing you to feel more relaxed in the months ahead. You still might feel stifled by responsibilities or circumstances involving family, housing or parents. Things behind the scenes, your inner world or private relationship dynamics can be positive and inspiring as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in your 12th house.

Aquarius Sun or Ascendant:  The Total Lunar Eclipse happens in your 7th house of personal and professional partnerships, clients, and close friends.  A relationship may be ending or becoming more committed. Other people play a big role in the developments and culminations happening now. Be aware of how you communicate, and watch out for negative thinking or self-talk. Friends and future possibilities bring expanded opportunities as Venus and Jupiter meet up in your 11th house of wishes, goals, happiness and the money you earn from your career. 

Pisces Sun or Ascendant: The Total Lunar Eclipse happens in your 6th house of health, co-workers, duties and responsibilities, work, service, and pets. Something is finishing up or being phased out in order to create the space for new approaches to your physical health and daily habits. Money, friends, goals and even the way forward can feel obstructed or restricted.  Luckily, your life direction, professional relationships and reputation are getting a boost as Venus is with Jupiter in your 10th house of public life and reputation.