The party’s over!

The party’s over!

Of course, the New Year on the Gregorian calendar began on the 1st of January but energetically it’s getting started now. As of the 6th of January, all planets appear in direct motion, a rare opportunity to feel like we’re making real progress for the first time in a long time. This means the planets are offering the best conditions for us to take action and get things done in all areas of life.

You are surely tired of hearing this phrase a week into January, yet we are truly in a period of new beginnings! We already have been feeling this for the past couple of weeks, or at least have been getting a clear sense of what you want to change this year.

The Full moon at the time of the winter solstice might have already inspired you to perceive what is coming up for you through the eclipse of January 6th, and by the second eclipse on the 21st you will have a greater sense of what is hoped for, desirable, and coming up for you in the next 6-12 month cycle. 2019 begins and ends with a solar eclipse in Capricorn, which adds even greater emphasis to whatever part of your horoscope (and therefore life) Capricorn is found.

This are of your life is where you’re being asked to take something more seriously – the Sun, the Moon and Saturn are all together within 11° to 15° of Capricorn, and this is where the South Node of the Moon (Ketu) will stay until late spring 2020: you need to clear out, rationalise, master and prepare a space for something new to come in.

When the largely unquestioned dominance of social media began to unravel in 2016, Ketu was passing through Aquarius, the sign that represents society, social groups, innovation, the Internet and new ways of communicating and communal relating. Now, as the South Node is passing through Capricorn over the next 18 months (starting last November), we will experience a time when governments, businesses, and social structures–whatever people rely on to provide leadership, structure and security–increasingly unravel and struggle to maintain power and influence at all costs.

We are likely to see an increase in the type of authoritarian leadership that has been developing over the past years where more decisions are taken from the top down at the expense of those who are (supposed) to implement those decisions. Corporate greed and the pressures of the commercial bottom line will start to show cracks in increasingly accelerating ways that will require adjustment (including violence) on all sides. We are nearing the culmination point of the revolutionary decade we have been living in.

As I wrote at Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn in December 2017, “Collectively, from now until the end of 2020 we are learning the lessons of the responsible use of power. By the time Saturn conjuncts Pluto (in Capricorn since 2008) in January 2020, we will have a sense of urgency to deal with the extreme transformation that will be shown to be necessary around that time. Historically, these planets have brought about major social changes through serious, often violent, upheavals. The world as we know it will emerge substantially changed by the end of 2020, beginning a whole new era for the next 34 years.”

To add fuel to the fire, Mars shifted into Aries (the sign that it rules) where, for the next six weeks, it brings a feeling of renewed drive and vitality since last Thursday, lending its energy to daring to create new projects and take new directions and stimulating this already fresh take on life triggered by this past weekend’s solar eclipse. (Click here to see which area of life this represents for you.)

Uranus is now moving quickly through the last degrees of Aries where it has been since the beginning of 2011 and by the 6th of March it will move into Taurus for the next seven years (see more about that here). So this is a good time to revise or review what has developed and changed for you since March 2011, or even as far back as the spring of 2010. You have now learnt the lesson and made the adjustment to the constantly changing energy in the house Aries represents for you.

Years and even decades of indulgence and looking the other way are now catching up with society–or maybe our personal life! Chiron is back at the same point in the zodiac at the end of Pisces where it was in May 1968 during the massive uprisings in Paris and around the world; the previous time Chiron was at this point was the end of the First World War…

This energy is coming back with full force now and needs some resolution; all around us we can see that there is a need for deep healing and transformation or else whatever is left unhealed will inevitably come back to be revisited. Whether in an individual’s natal chart or that of an entire nation, the Chiron return brings an awareness of what needs to be healed, of what undermines our welfare, as well as what can heal us.

What was previously unthinkable will now be up for consideration. What you thought you knew and wanted is now open to question and total transformation in 2019. The party is over–let the fun begin!

Wishing you every success and abundant good health for the year ahead and always.

With love and light,

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