Astrological Houses through the Zodiac ~ Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn, one of the signs it rules, represents authority, integrity, and structure and can slow things down with its conservative, meticulous, and serious nature. It brings a status-oriented, disciplined, and ambitious nature that is willing to work hard for what it wants to achieve.

Jupiter in Capricorn represents a need for integrity, and we benefit the most when we have focused goals and a sense of higher purpose in the area of life Capricorn represents. It is possible that questions of morality are raised here too, and you might find you need to revise what you considered just, fair or right. Beware of materialism or stinginess – fear around abundance can bring out the worst in us. Be pragmatic, without being overly controlling.

Jupiter will support the goals restructuring imposed on us by Pluto since 2008, and Saturn since December 2017. Things that may have felt stuck, heavy, or dry in the area represented by Capricorn will now start to move ahead, still with the long-term firmly in mind.

For Aries Sun and Ascendant: This involves your 4th house of family, parents, residence, security and personal life brings new responsibilities, new parent/family situations or issues of house and home.

For Taurus Sun and Ascendant: This affects your 5th house of children, creative projects, love life, entrepreneurial projects, risk-taking and leisure activities.

For Gemini Sun and Ascendant: This is in your 6th house of work, co-workers, daily life and responsibilities, pets, issues of health and health habits.

For Cancer Sun and Ascendant: This affects your in 7th house of committed relationships, experts you consult with, close friends and clients, “open enemies” – those people you know are opposing you – as well as ways of relating to others.

For Leo Sun and Ascendant: This is in your 8th house of payments, death and taxes, psychology, shared resources, marriage and intimate relationships as well as sexuality.

For Virgo Sun and Ascendant: This involves your 9th house of travel, adventure, publishing, higher consciousness, higher education and beliefs.

For Libra Sun and Ascendant: This is in your 10th house of social status and career, responsibility, authority and commitment, as well as ways of engaging with and being seen by others.

For Scorpio Sun and Ascendant: This involves your 11th house of friends, colleagues, associations, goals and wishes, the Internet and social media.

For Sagittarius Sun and Ascendant: This involves your 12th house of the past, ancestors, fears, talents, psychic awareness, research and your subconscious mind.

For Capricorn Sun and Ascendant: This is in your 1st house of identity, health, personal needs and desires.

For Aquarius Sun and Ascendant: This is in your 2nd house of self-esteem, earnings, talents and personal resources involving ways of earning money and how you see yourself in these areas.

For Pisces Sun and Ascendant: This is in your 3rd house of siblings, cousins, vehicles, neighbours, community, local travel, communications, and the way you think and communicate your ideas.

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