What does it mean to be fully aligned?

What does it mean to be fully aligned?

When you at last give your life – bringing into alignment your beliefs and the way you live – then, and only then, can you begin to find inner peace.

~ Peace Pilgrim

Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the annual solar cycle when our Sun begins to move North over the Equator. The Sun is being “reborn” (the true origin of the resurrection story that got pinned on Easter later on) and the days will soon become palpably longer. He is risen – hallelujah!

The stories we tell ourselves are as potent as the collective stories we unquestioningly believe: turning myths into “facts” can be empowering or disempowering, depending on what they mean to us. A belief can heal us through the placebo effect, or it can lead to a sense of hopelessness if we don’t appreciate our true nature and see only what’s flawed.

At our Align with Purpose retreat in India nearly a month ago, we had the opportunity to explore all aspects of our life and see where we were out of alignment with what we want from it. Our bodies, minds, beliefs, values, relationships and more were examined from the perspective of who we feel ourselves to be. Being in alignment with the deepest and highest sense of self brings clarity to every choice, and integrity to all aspects or our life.

It also makes it really easy to spot those who don’t choose to live their lives in alignment with their beliefs. Here’s one topical example (with apologies to those who are up to their eyeballs in it): living in Brussels, it’s been nearly impossible to avoid news about Brexit for well over two years. Personally, whatever the headlines, I always like to get a sense of what life must be like for the individuals involved in these big, stressful stories.

Theresa May is an excellent case study of someone who clearly is not acting in alignment with her own beliefs. Although in 2016 she called for Britain to stay within the EU, after assuming the role of Prime Minister following David Cameron’s (cowardly and spectacularly misaligned) post-referendum escape, Theresa May has found herself literally struggling to communicate an unclear and irrational message about something she fundamentally doesn’t agree with.

She can barely stand up straight any longer, poor thing, which is another (rather obvious) clue of the misalignment between her outer actions and inner desires, as this always shows up physically. Worse still is that everyone can plainly see she is lacking integrity, and it weakens the power of her words and deeds. Although she is a public example, there are countless private examples of living out of alignment all around us, maybe some of whom are reading this right now!

We each live with our own inconsistencies and even internal contradictions. We may have a conservative attitude in one area of our life and be extremely liberal in another – it’s possible to maintain our principles along with an open mind. Of course, being principled doesn’t mean being dogmatic: our values guide us from the inside out and shouldn’t be used to dictate the way others live.

And all of us have needed to compromise something of ourselves and our goals along the path our lives have meandered so far. It’s even unavoidable and necessary in some circumstances, like becoming a parent. Yet deviating from our deepest essential self, our Truth, and our highest goals will always bring some kind of suffering. The question is, how much suffering can you take before something has to change?

Living in alignment with yourself and your chosen purpose is the only sane response to an insane world where truth and lies are nearly indistinguishable. Learn to be self-referential, true to your well-considered beliefs and values. There is likely to be some effort in getting to that point, but once you’re there, there is a clarity of purpose and inner poise that looks nothing like what you see on the evening news.

Wishing you much inner peace and love in this holiday season.


If you or someone you know is ready to take radical responsibility to create a better life, contact me for more information about the next Align with Purpose Course starting at the end of January.

Here’s what participants have said about it:

Through [Align with Purpose] I found a profound understanding of myself which I was unable to reach. From her deep knowledge of yoga, ayurveda, meditation and astrology,  Susan created a unique approach of guiding me through this process. By applying these elements on multiple levels and giving the space to find my own entrance, I was able to disclose my own essence. With this, I found a guideline to align with in whatever is yet to come, which I consider to be an invaluable gift. ~ Cathérine L.

I’m so grateful for finally finding what I love doing – you helped me so much through your Align with Purpose course, and your natal chart readings – I don’t think I’d gather up the courage or even found myself, if not for you. Thank you! ~ Katarina H.

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