What do you believe?

What do you believe?

Today we honour the New Moon in Sagittarius, which sets the scene for taking action and maybe even taking risks on big new ideas and plans following a bit of a lull in enthusiasm over the past few weeks. No need to wait for 2019 – the energy is here with us already and we can set ourselves up to jump into January by doing the necessary stuff now.

After this weekend things will gather a new – or renewed – momentum so you can make real progress wherever your energy is guiding you now. Be sure to carefully calibrate the direction you want to move towards because the archer will launch you wherever your attention is focused, which gets a bit unruly if it’s actually dispersed!

Since Mercury stationed direct on the 6th (and soon to move into Sagittarius), all personal planets are now in (apparent) direct motion, which means the mulling and contemplating can stop and the rubber can hit the proverbial road. Sagittarius is optimistic and bold, but can also overdo it. Dream big and plan bigger.

Sagittarius represents our higher mind, life philosophy and what we truly believe. Let go of any magical thinking and clarify your overarching goals with the broad picture of your life in mind. Jupiter will still happily be there until early December 2019 so you’ll be well-supported to set your sights on new horizons.

Until the end of next week we have a supportive energy flow between Mercury (thinking and communication), Chiron (healing/wounding and our inner saboteur), and the North Node (the focal point that brings us progress in our development) which means it’s a good time to heal rifts or deepen bonds with others, or to make peace with the battle going on inside yourself. Compassion and avoiding personal projections is the key to success here!

Enjoy the grace of this uplifting energy and see you again at the Full Moon.

With love and divine light from the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh,


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