Shine a light on the darkness

Shine a light on the darkness

I am often deeply moved by the messages and contacts I have with people, especially recently. It feels like our human frailty and vulnerability is being expressed more openly now and we need each other more than ever.

We live in an age of illusion far different to anything our ancestors ever knew, where much of our energy is spent on things that have no material existence, passing hours of each day engaged in thoughts and imaginings that are mostly disconnected from ourselves and our surroundings. Major events move quickly, literally at the speed of thought, and the time we have to process what is happening is shortened to minutes instead of days. Collectively we’re being trained to become reactive instead of reflective, and it often hurts.

Our ancestors lived in harmony and in direct relationship with the natural world around them. Where our physical condition is perhaps more comfortable than ever before, our psychological suffering is collectively greater than at any time in history. Self-harm, suicide, anxiety and depression are occurring at a devastatingly high rate, especially among younger people.

Maybe I’m more aware of this because of the nature of my work, but there is real pain and confusion percolating in our brothers and sisters, and maybe within ourselves, and we need to wake up to how to alleviate it.

Life can be hard, no doubt.

Yet we suffer moslty because we have desires (which includes the desire to be free from desire!). We seek comfort and pleasure and avoid pain as much as possible. All suffering can be understood this way, regardless of what we might think of as the apparent cause. Tragic loss, health problems, domestic violence… the initial suffering of what the Buddha described as the first arrow entirely (and understandably) comes from these traumas. Then comes the second arrow of suffering: our thoughts about what happened. This one is entirely self-inflicted.

An infinite number of things that our minds can barely grasp had to coincide to create these apparent circumstances at this moment in time. Choices and events from long ago and far, far away have led us to our current situation in this moment.

The wound is the place where the light enters you.

Jalaluddin Rumi

It’s impossible to know how all elements of a situation have arisen, making judgments of right and wrong pretty much impossible to defend. This is not the same as” judgement” in the sense of “discernment” – we need to be able to distinguish what is right or wrong for us in any given situation, but we can’t do so in the grander scheme of things because we simply don’t know enough to be a worthy judge.

Most days, the only way I can cope with the sheer madness of what is happening in much of the world is by remembering that it all dissolves with the sands of time, and nothing that can be dissolved is real.

The cure for our suffering is in shining light on our shadow, on our fears and our worries.

We become more humble and connected to society through a sincere and deep self-examination. This clears the way to understanding what we do want from our lives and helps us avoid repeating the same mistakes that have us going around in circles through lack of self-awareness.

Things are not what they appear to be.

This is beautifully illustrated in a Buddhist parable about a seeker who once came to Bodhidharma (the ancient founder of the Zen school of Buddhism) desperately seeking peace of mind.

The Zen master said: “show me your mind and I will calm it for you.” The seeker said: “When I look for it, I can’t find it.”

Bodhidharma responded: “Now you have peace of mind.”

I’m currently in the middle of preparing for the Align with Purpose retreat coming up in India in just over two weeks (if you’re up for some last-minute inspired transformation, come and join us! Anything is possible). As I do this, I’m also looking forward to 2019, when I will be offering the course live in Brussels for the first time. 

I like to think of the Align with Purpose Course as a sacred pilgrimage of sorts, during which we journey together to discover what life has to offer, allowing you to meet your shadow side, say ‘hello’ and hold the door open as you wave it goodbye. It’s rare to be able to do this work without having to spend a small fortune and years of your life in psychotherapy.

The shadow is your potential waiting to be shown. Until you live up to your own potential you will cut down or diminish the efforts and choices of others if their choices and efforts are a reflection of your own (suppressed or repressed) potential. It’s exhausting, and nobody wins. There is a better way.

There is nothing superficial about the work we do together. You will be expected to do real, mutually-agreed upon work with tangible results in the areas of your life you want to see transformed, healed and expanded. Align with Purpose is about changing your relationship to your fundamental identity – who you consider yourself to be will expand to include a profound understanding of your True Nature, as well as your highest joy and potential in this lifetime.

I’m so grateful for finally finding what I love doing – you helped me so much through your Align with Purpose course, and your natal chart readings – I don’t think I’d gather up the courage or even found myself, if not for you. Thank you!

~ Katarina

Contact me for an interview to see if we should work together.

At this auspicious New Moon Festival of Light, I wish you the strength and wisdom to overcome any and all darkness in your life with the light of your own conscious awareness.

Happy Diwali and much love to you!


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