A Taurus Full Moon to shake you out of your comfort zone

Aside from typically being resistant to change, Taurus is most often associated with our comforts, sensory pleasures and the things we value most. This Full Moon will be different, though, because it is closely conjunct surprising and innovative Uranus, which means long-cherished patterns are likely to be disrupted.

This can be a good thing, though, since Taurus types tend to stick with a bad situation way too long for fear of change – Taurus prefers the devil they know compared to the devil they don’t know. But if you still have a pulse, you have noticed that we are being challenged to change in myriad ways in our transformational era, and it’s far better to be the change agent than wonder what just happened.

Here are the areas of your life stimulated by this Taurus Full Moon, which is also opposite its planetary ruler, Venus, further emphasising issues of relationships and money, and energised by Saturn’s current position in Capricorn, keepin’ things real and making us work for what we want:

For Aries Sun and Ascendant: This Full Moon is in your 2nd house of self-esteem, earnings, talents and personal resources will lead to surprises connected to your confidence, your earnings and income – a stable new job or other foundation for personal security can bring you some benefit here.

For Taurus Sun and Ascendant: This is your Full Moon! Each year when the Sun is in Scorpio you are highlighted in your 1st house of identity, health, personal needs. You will feel more courage to speak up for yourself and live through your best vision for your life and your new sense of self.

For Gemini Sun and Ascendant: This Full Moon highlights your 12th house of the past, ancestors, fears, talents, psychic awareness, research and your subconscious mind. A new sense of spirituality or higher power can change the way you see yourself and your life now.

For Cancer Sun and Ascendant: The Full Moon is in harmony with your inner aspirations in your 11th house of friends, colleagues, associations, goals and wishes, the internet and social media. New friends, new plans for the future can arise thanks to support from someone who wants to help you succeed.

For Leo Sun and Ascendant: The Full Moon in your 10th house of social status and career, responsibility, authority and commitment can highlight changes there, or perhaps recognition for work that hasn’t been seen until now. If you’re really fed up with your job, your life partner or your outer life in general, you will feel a push to do things differently so you can truly shine like you are supposed to!

For Virgo Sun and Ascendant: The Taurus Full Moon is in harmony with you and highlights new beginnings in your 9th house of travel, foreign people and places, adventure, publishing, higher consciousness, higher education and beliefs. You might be planning new studies, publishing your work or setting up plans for going abroad on.

For Libra Sun and Ascendant: This is all about your 8th house of payments, debt and taxes, deep psychology and unconscious motives, shared resources, and intimate relationships. will bring a fresh start or a new perspective to these areas. You will have a sense of how you and your shared responsibilities and resources are in or out of balance.

For Scorpio Sun and Ascendant: The Full Moon is opposite your sign in your 7th house of committed relationships and partners, experts you consult with, close friends and clients. What needs to change in the way you relate? Perhaps it will be more about new relationships with can start off the way you want them to, different to the way things have been before and with someone unlike any previous partners.

For Sagittarius Sun and Ascendant: The focus is on your 6th house of work, co-workers, daily life and responsibilities, pets, issues of health and health habits. Changes and new ways of doing things bring developments in your health, and maybe work, however it’s not likely you can just walk away from your current situation because there would be financial consequences.

For Capricorn Sun and Ascendant: This is about your 5th house of children, creative projects, love life, entrepreneurial projects and leisure activities bringing up new beginnings in these areas. Something new and stimulating will have you feeling lighter and better than you have since the beginning of 2018.

For Aquarius Sun and Ascendant: The Full Moon illuminates your 4th house of family, parents, house and home, security and personal life so you become aware of or take on new responsibilities – deciding to work from home or needing to work more at home, perhaps around new parent/family situations or issues affecting where you live.

For Pisces Sun and Ascendant: The Taurus Full Moon supports you in your 3rd house of siblings, vehicles, communications, neighbours, community, local travel and the way you think and communicate your ideas. The new energy here can positively affect your goals and maybe stimulate you to change the way you operate in these areas of life.

Later this week, as the Sun conjuncts Venus on Friday and is in harmonious flow with Saturn so you can take advantage of this energy to complete something of personal importance to you, and strive for more ease in your relationships.

By early November, we see two major changes with the Lunar Nodes shifting from the Leo-Aquarius to the Cancer-Capricorn axis and Jupiter moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius. From then and throughout 2019 we will feel very different to the past 18 months, as these are big changes that call up the past in interesting ways. More on that next time at the New Moon!

If you are a millennial, born between 1984 and 1998 (or if you know one), the Capricorn energy that you carry in your generation will be triggered by the events leading us into the spring of 2020, and your proverbial time will come to step up and shine for a better future for all of us. I’ll be hosting a webinar on Thursday, November 7th to explain how you can make the most of your generation’s role in a world where institutions are no longer appropriate and society is changing rapidly as the global environment puts pressure on all of us. Contact me for more details.

With much love and light,

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