A pivotal New Moon in Libra

Today’s New Moon is not as harmonious as Libra usually likes it, but such are the times we’re living in! This is a pivotal moment in a pivotal year that continues to set us up for the bigger changes coming in 2020.

In 2020 we will see Saturn and Pluto conjunct–something we only see every 35 years or so. This will shift the structure of life and society. The last time we saw this the world economy shifted from a manufacturing base to a financial one, and politically we saw a global shift to the right. The ever-increasing social inequality we see now is the result; it remains to be seen how this conjunction could alter that.

Since early 2011 we have been shaken up personally and collectively. Our institutions and governments have been challenged to transform since 2008 and increasingly since 2011: the cracks are showing—if they haven’t already led to collapse.

This is not news to anyone who’s been paying attention, yet these are rare times and we are moving into a new era, collectively and individually. Pluto stationing direct around the time of the New Moon brings an extra emphasis to the energy of new starts in a completely new direction, a big theme of this year. Remember to take stock of the changes set in motion this week six months from now at the Libra Full Moon on 21 March 2019, just a day after the Vernal Equinox. 

The current combination of planets hasn’t been seen since the 1920’s and ’30s: not only is innovative and surprising Uranus in Taurus making a challenging square to the Moon’s north and south nodes (Rahu and Ketu–showing us where we’re headed and what we’re leaving behind), there is also a rare alignment from relationship-oriented Venus (retrograde since last Friday, October 5th) opposite Uranus in each other’s signs invites us to seize the moment to change how we relate to each other, to our work and especially to life overall.

Venus has been in Scorpio for a month, and this retrograde keeps her there until the end of October, bringing up issues of love (lust), intimacy and trust that will (re-)surface for much-needed purification. The archetypal feminine energy of Venus is also in a challenging square to the archetypal masculine energy of Mars–the battle of the sexes is highlighted this week, unavoidably needing re-balancing in society and perhaps in your own home.

Is everything fine in your den?

Venus retrograde in Scorpio brings about creative tensions and perhaps the pressure to change or recognise something that has been hidden–perhaps in plain sight–and needs to be dealt with. If this is needed in your life, October 11th and 12th are good days to have difficult conversations. For best results, avoid any permanent aesthetic changes (tatoos, cosmetic procedures, new hair colours) or starting any important new business or investment ventures until mid-November.

If nothing else, these past few days have shown us how far we still have to go to find respect and equality for women and minorities. Key issues to develop or focus on right now are women (and feminine energy), partnerships, relationships, money (and abundance), and contracts and collaborations. It’s a good time to reassess these areas of your life until November 16th when Venus turns direct in Libra for another run through Scorpio until December.

This pivotal 28-day New Moon cycle sets us up for the bigger shifts of November, when Jupiter leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius and the Moon’s nodes will leave the Leo-Aquarius axis after 18 months for the Cancer-Capricorn axis, lasting until May 2020.

More on that next time, but until then, take advantage of the last month of Jupiter in Scorpio to deal with emotional issues and enjoy the heightened intuition to know what to do about it before the great teacher changes his energetic focus for another year ahead. For a taste of what is shifting now, think back to what was happening in October-November 2006.

The darkness of the New Moon phase allows us time to turn quietly within and set our intentions for the month or even the next six months. Begin planting your seeds when you see the sliver of the moon appear in the sky.

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Much love and light,