Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon

Yesterday’s New Moon in Virgo highlights the theme of societal and governmental transformation that we have been grappling with for quite a long time now, while at the same time showing us where we need to be our own authority and how we are taking care – or not – of our personal structures like our body, our health and our daily routines.

It will also have us wanting to ground something in ‘reality’ which might have been in the works since April or May. If you’re working on something and it’s still not ready, take some more time and get it right – Virgo wants to see all t‘s crossed and a dot above each ‘i‘ – next week you will know better, or have a clearer sense of how to go forward if you don’t already. It can be difficult in this current energy to get things done, and we must avoid falling into the trap of feeling unworthy or inadequate. Lately, I’m finding I get pulled in ten different directions most days, and I’m way behind in my plans and hopes for my projects. I hope you are faring better!

Especially later this week, beware of deception or mixed messages that might derail you or your project. Neptune and Mercury are strongly aspecting the new moon, and each other, leading to the potential for either confusion and obfuscation around details or procedures or – ideally – spiritual insights and a more compassionate frame of mind. 

The frustrations and tensions of the past few weeks will continue for another few days as Mars (action) and Saturn (restriction) are in a tricky dance that can signify friction and irritability in our minds and in the social and natural world around us.

Destabilising and surprising Uranus is strongly adding to this energy which can lead to outbursts or unexpected outcomes. Practice your breathing and smiling as you might also find you are headed in nearly the opposite direction to where you thought you were going in March and April of 2016. A change of direction or values might be either the best thing or the biggest disruption in your life so far, but somehow it’s just got to happen.

Around the time of the new moon, Venus entered Scorpio where she will stay for an extended visit during her upcoming retrograde. This will intensify your relationships and make them a lot more emotional, so a good time to learn the arts of Nonviolent Communication and self-care.

As we prepare for Venus to turn retrograde in just over three weeks, we are already starting to consider how we relate to the relationships and stuff around us. Notice any insights you might have had over the past week around what you truly love – your partner, friends, work or home – that might set you off in a new direction over the next three months. Whatever issues around love and money you are experiencing now will be calling for more attention in October and November. The key question until December is “do I love it?” and respect the answer you get, regardless of what “it” is!

Jupiter in Scorpio for another two months will continue to reveal the Truth in many forms as it has been doing since October 2017. More details, secrets and inconvenient truths are likely to be revealed concerning people with political or financial power as well as those who are simply famous for being famous.

Hidden valleys offer hidden dangers and hidden treasures!

Shana Tova to my Jewish readers, wishing you a very happy new year ahead. For those of us who don’t celebrate Rosh Hashana, the habit of starting the school year anew each September also carries the feeling of a new year and, fittingly, yesterday’s new moon asks us to see our lives with the fresh eyes of a student.

Whatever new seeds you want to plant now, make sure you have shed the old habit patterns and any other ballast you don’t want to carry forward, as you prepare for an even bigger shift through November. The less you carry forward on each step, the more joyful and carefree your journey will be.

With much love and light,

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