From the Autumn Equinox to the Full Moon in Aries

The Autumn Equinox occurs when the sun moves into Libra, which happened today at 3:54 am. Today there is a rare equal balance of light and dark, although we might not realise it in Brussels heavy skies. Then overnight from the 24th to the 25th, we have the Harvest Moon – the full moon in Aries.

As always around a full moon, our emotions can be heightened, and this can be even more so with the impulsive and passionate energy of Aries. We are also going to have to examine the results of the past couple of weeks, as well as the past three months, which might have left us feeling edgy, restless and irritable.

The current energy also relates to questions of how we use our power or indeed relate to power and authority. The effective use of our power is never through games or passive-aggressive behaviour which leads us further away from inner balance. We want to find an inner strength that allows us to relate confidently with whatever changes and demands arise at any given time, and this can only be found from having a clear sense of purpose in whatever we are doing.

As new cycles emerge in early October, and especially November, there will be a sense of moving into something with new aspirations, recharging yourself and reevaluating relationships to people, self-image, money and abundance. I will write more on that around the new moon in two weeks’ time!

Much love and light,

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