Culminations & Ambitions

Full moons are always moments of enlightenment. Ideas or projects that began at the new moon become clearer, and we find more elucidation and understanding around the issue. The Pisces full moon on August 26th also completed an annual cycle of full moons, one of the many overlapping cycles of astrology. Pisces is at the end of the zodiac and further emphasises the culminating energy of the full moon, carrying both a sense of endings as well as preparations for a new beginning which comes with the Aries full moon next month.

Where are you heading to now?

Many of us are now reassessing a plan or a goal that was established or highlighted in mid-May, and which we have spent a lot of time reflecting upon over the summer. As of today, Mars is starting to move forward from the same point it was at back in May so we will find much more clarity of purpose around our goals, even as Mars loses its brightness in the sky over the weeks ahead. This is a good time to revise them or double down on them, accordingly; we have a two-week window to take advantage of the stronger energy and set the wheels in motion.

This will bring a welcome surge of energy and a sense of moving forward with our projects and aspirations in a way that wasn’t easy or even possible over the summer. While this applies to everyone,  people with strong Aries or Scorpio influences in their chart will especially notice the change. It affects the same place in your chart as the total lunar eclipse of July, so look here to see where that was by zodiac sign.

For those of you who have been feeling cranky and tired, short-tempered and impatient – or downright ornery – you will feel more in the flow of things and productivity will increase.

These days can also be very much about your important relationships, as Pluto and Venus figure prominently in this week’s astrology. Be clear about the motives of those you are in a relationship with, especially if this is a new or developing one, and recognise where your own (perhaps hidden) motives might be a source of stress. It will be a good time to start over, with the same partner or someone new, and it will be easier to sort out any relationship issues that might have caused strife.

You might also want to review my blog post about Uranus entering Taurus as a reminder of where to keep working towards something completely new and different in your life. Things have already been shifting in that direction since the spring, and you can use these changes to help realign your goals in the weeks ahead.

As Mars gains speed in the days ahead, Saturn will build up the momentum next week as it stations direct on the 6th of September. It’s the ideal energy to begin the new academic year. Bonne rentrée!

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