Guru Purnima eclipsed

The Lunar (Full Moon) eclipse on July 27th is quite special for a number of reasons.

First, it happens to be the annual celebration of one’s most important teachers, known as Guru Purnima. Teachers come in many forms, and though you might feel you don’t have a special teacher, we can think of ourselves as the only student in the universe, and everyone else as our teacher. Honour the energy of everything you learn from.

Secondly, this eclipse coincides with Mars, which is now closer to Earth than it has been in 15 years, conjunct the moon and the Moon’s South Node (Ketu). An eclipse on the South Node is about letting go of something, and the big themes for this eclipse period are endings, forgiveness and the freedom and courage to release the past and learn to depersonalise what is happening in your life. As all three are in Aquarius (the water-bearer) right now, it seems very fitting that only days ago water was discovered on Mars, increasing the chances of other life forms there.

Finally, this eclipse will be worth watching – perhaps as part of your usual Full Moon meditation – because it is happening very slowly and is visible to us from Friday night at dusk (around 21:30) until the early hours of Saturday morning in Europe. It’s rare to have so many other planets visible at the same time – the eclipse will already be underway when the moon becomes visible in the sky, and we will also be able to see Mars shining bright orange-red in the South-West as well as Venus in the West and Saturn in the South-East. Jupiter only makes his appearance in the middle of the night, so if you can’t sleep you can see that too!

Mars is unmistakable in the South-Western sky every night this summer because it is retrograde until the 26th of August, which is why it is now so close to Earth. There are social media memes spreading misinformation about Mars appearing as big as the Moon on the 27th, which, if ever that were to happen, would be a clear omen to squeeze your loved ones close and say your goodbyes.

The lunar eclipse in Leo that happened on January 31st began a period of testing new waters, and now this energy will begin to accelerate that. With Mercury just now going retrograde we’re integrating and reviewing those winter plans and ideas (in my case, editing the book I started writing in January), and with Mars retrograde we might feel impatience and frustration (yes, I can attest). And combining the moon in all of this there could be a lot of emotion in the air, including triggered responses and heightened passions. Because this conjunction  is happening in Aquarius there might be a certain amount of detachment which can be a healthy philosophical reaction unless it actually means switching off and numbing out, thereby missing the opportunity to observe where we need to make some changes.

This eclipse energy can make us impulsive but can also help us to make decisions quickly, so be clear what you want and try to be intuitive rather than emotional; there is a big difference! Acting on intuition  feels right, but when we are acting from our emotions it’s more likely a reaction to what’s happening than a positive choice for the future.

Try to welcome what is changing and remember that it’s the only way for life to move forward.

It’s a false security to think that staying the same or maintaining the status quo is the easiest way out. It just kicks the can down the road, and you may find yourself in an even deeper crisis if you don’t take those uncomfortable decisions now. Something that might have come up around the middle of May is being revisited in the next week or so while Mars is in this challenging aspect to Uranus – that’s another clue as to what might need adapting.

The current planetary combinations can not only bring up inner frustrations, but also a sense that some things (projects, relationships, ways of being) might still feel incomplete and are being taken away too soon. Let them go anyway; don’t hold on. Uranus is in a challenging aspect to this eclipse, so it can also be time to clear out old energies of lineage, family ancestry, or childhood habits. The North Node, Rahu, is in Leo, which can help us integrate new levels of confidence and you might find some intuitive inspirations or messages from others that can help you with this process all this week .

We claim we want peace and freedom yet we cling to our stuff, our relationships and our beliefs.

This kind of attachment will never allow us to be at peace. Find a higher love than every day human love that will open up compassion and resilience for the weeks and months ahead. Whatever the dramatic nature of these days and weeks ahead may be (as I wrote in an earlier blog, natural disasters are very likely with Uranus in Taurus, especially when challenged by Mars in Aquarius, as are serious political incidents) the collective unifying events that are bound to happen around this eclipse will bring us (or force us) to come together.

Mars and Uranus combined with an eclispe can cause explosive accidents and surprises both on the personal and collective level; as ever, we should remain centred in ourselves and emotionally balanced. This energy can bring out a lot of emotions, which can provide an opportunity to channel or express them through our own creative self-expression, honouring our value and using our talents to contribute to others, share with others and help others at this time.

The energy of an eclipse lasts for weeks and months and brings changes that last a long time, so you might already be recognising it or something will be on the horizon soon.

Where is this happening in your life?

For Aries Sun and Ascendant, it’s in the 11th house – Where do you aspire to belong? What are your goals? And which ones have passed – perhaps those that were seeded around 18 years ago? What social group are you shedding now? Where do you need to become more humble?

For Taurus Sun and Ascendant, the eclipse is in your 10th house – It’s time to disconnect from a career or a particular status. You might have to let go of old responsibilities, perhaps an old job or an aspect of your career. These changes can also be with regards to your social status or role.

For Gemini Sun and Ascendant, it’s happening in the 9th house – Now’s the time for shedding old beliefs and philosophies: you might have a crisis of faith or personal vision. Update your beliefs and vision for your life, and turn away from any teachers, coaches or mentors you have outgrown. Look for new inspiration and use your intuition to develop your future plans.

For Cancer Sun and Ascendant, it’s in the 8th house – This is a time of letting go of shared resources or reliance on an old form of income that might have been established around 18 years ago; new opportunities will open up after August. Free yourself from manipulative influences or people. This can also mean releasing trauma or painful attachments.

For Leo Sun and Ascendant, the eclipse is in the 7th house – Is it time to walk away from that business or personal relationship or other close partnership? This might include a contractual obligation with clients or boss as well as personal obligations. Let go of your identification with that person or relationship. An old struggle will lighten up and change becomes easier, perhaps related to what you were doing  around 18 years ago. You will become increasingly independent after August.

For Virgo Sun and Ascendant, this eclipse is happening in the 6th house – This is a good time to let go of any addictions, compulsions or bad health habits that might include mental attitudes or actual substances such as food, sugar, alcohol, or perhaps overworking. Having a South Node eclipse here makes it easier to break unhealthy patterns so you can use this energy to your advantage. If you don’t want to take action on your own, you might find that a lifestyle disease emerges and needs your attention. It’s worth noticing whether there is some personal identification with this illness or addiction. Does it feel like if you lose this you lose a part of your identity? Something you have been thinking about for the past year will now reach breaking point. It’s possible that this involves some sort of lifestyle imbalance or a work or business conflict but can be resolved now.

For Libra Sun and Ascendant, it is happening in the 5th house – This might involve some need for selflessness around your children or a romantic partner. You may need to let go of romantic relationship or a creative or entrepreneurial project. Maybe it’s been hard to have fun lately but you might adjust your definition of what fun actually it is and lighten up. Let go of expectations around your children or perhaps a way of relating to them. Children can be changing a lot at the moment, so you have to adapt. Forcing your desires on someone else never works; let go and see how things flow better.

For Scorpio and Scorpio Ascendant, the eclipse is in the 4th house – There can be issues with family or home relocating, or issues with property. Perhaps a need for big renovations, or a desire to move on to something different. This is a time where memories, emotions and deep feelings can be liberated and all family patterns or personal emotional attachments can be let go more easily than at other times. There might be issues with parents or family obligations that come up at this time.

For Sagittarius Sun and Ascendant, the eclipse is in the 3rd house – This can bring changes with regards to siblings and casual friendships as those relationships shift or are left to one side for now. Communications with these people might fall away or be broken off consciously if that’s necessary; this can also change your relationship with your local neighbourhood and community as you are changing and no longer can relate to them as before. You might also change the way that you communicate, either verbally or via new devices, modalities and platforms.

For Capricorn Sun and Ascendant, this eclipse is in the 2nd house – It’s time to leave old belongings and possessions and become less attached to your status if you want to have more peace of mind. You might be letting go of income or other resources that you have relied on up until now. New sources of income will be coming in, especially after August when things shift following the solar eclipse in two weeks’ time.

If you have Aquarius Sun or Ascendant, this is happening in your 1st house, which is all about you on every level – It is time to let go of the personal identity you have relied on until now, and perhaps also certain career identities, goals and plans that might have emerged around 18 years ago. Some ego or image issue might need to be dropped. This can be affecting your self or your appearance; old ways are ending and a new attitude to yourself is in order. As this old phase ends you can shed your old skin and personality and regenerate yourself in the weeks and months ahead.

For Pisces Sun and Ascendant, this is happening in the 12th house – This eclipse has a spiritual influence; you will be feeling more intuitive and open to new ideas perhaps from dreams or releasing old experiences or mental patterns that unconsciously still affect you. You can release old influences and you might like to do this deliberately, perhaps through a ritual. This can also mean the release of addictions, circumstances or other restrictions that you now realise have blocked you or kept you from doing what you wanted, perhaps for as much as 18 or 19 years.

So that’s it dear friends, I know many of you are experiencing a lot of turmoil, and all I can say is use it for your personal evolution to the best of your abilities. Contact me if you want help making sense of what is going on in your world.

Much love and un-eclipsed light,