What have I done?! New Moon in Gemini

What have I done?! New Moon in Gemini

Gemini is very much about being in the present moment, and tuning in to navigate your way through change will help keep you afloat in these confusing times.  The next two weeks until the full moon have the energy of being true to ourselves, and expressing ourselves emotionally in our relationships – or perhaps just feeling emotional – can be the starting point on your journey to standing up for yourself.

We can be aware of the discomfort and even pain that comes with change, and still know that change is good for us. At the very least we know it’s an inevitable part of life. How we talk to ourselves about what is going on is really important in determining how we get through to the other side.

How is your self-talk? Is it sabotaging the change you say you want? Are you so focused on emotional or financial security that you can’t hear the guidance coming from within?

You might find yourself questioning some of the choices you have made over the past month, but this is not necessarily a bad thing! You will be clear by now what to do going forward. There’s no point in mulling over what could have been – mired in wudda, kudda, shudda is an unhelpful place to be. Look squarely at what is happening in your life right now, and let go of any blame.

Neptune turning retrograde for the next few months will help us to review the past and tie up loose ends – ideally without brooding or moping. With compassion and empathy, you’ll find yourself freeing up energy to move onwards and upwards.

There are multiple options in any given moment to choose how to be and what to do. Call on guidance from your deep inner wisdom. You might draw on energetic support from distant teachers, friends and family, some of whom have passed on. These quiet moments of listening inwardly always serve us well, and especially so in the next few weeks.

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