Comings & goings above & below

Today’s Full Moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon, which sounds far more charming than many of us are likely to be feeling around this time.

Saturn is conjunct this Moon in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. The moon, representing our emotions and mind, is not comfortable in get-to-the-point Capricorn. This suggests we won’t want to feel difficult emotions and might feel shut down or cut off from others.

People often become workaholics – or live their lives in perpetual motion – to avoid dealing with their emotions. The Sun is in touchy-feely, nurturing Cancer in opposition to the Capricorn moon (the opposition is what gives us the full moon); work and busy-ness in general can be a way of avoiding the deeper truth of our personal and home life. If this is off balance in your life you’ll feel it strongly around this time.

What do you need to feel better about your life right now? Where is your life going, and is that the direction you really want to follow? What action can you take today to lead you one more step in the best direction for you?

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are showing us that something is ending. We need to come to terms with where we are compared to where we had hoped to be now. If we fully let go of the old patterns – especially around social roles and status and/or career goals – we can be open to what is coming.

Saturn’s aspect to the Sun has us reflecting on the choices we made last December and looking at what our needs are now that we can see the results of those choices. We can become very aware of our responsibilities and any feelings of restrictions.

Be clear what efforts you are making are really working for you. Stop forcing what isn’t working. Stop ignoring what you really need to look at. Stop trying to control outcomes and accept a certain insecurity as you go through this period of flux. Observe and reflect more than usual – take action only when required. By slowing down we can get better results.

This week’s heaviness will shift at the weekend with a lighter and more engaging energy coming up.
The next two weeks we’re winding down and setting aside what has been preoccupying us for the past month, and by the time of the next new moon, we can expect something quite new to come as it will be the first of three eclipses coming up over the summer.

As of Tuesday, June 26th, Mars stationed retrograde to begin its apparent backwards motion through the zodiac until it stations direct again on August 27th. During his two-month retrograde, Mars shines even brighter than Jupiter and we’ll be able to see him clearly in the night sky – turn up your gaze this evening around 10 o’clock to enjoy the magnificent full moon and see if you can spot Mars. On a practical level, Mars retrograde is a good time for a thorough review of actions you’ve already taken, your intended actions and your desired outcomes.

Personally, I’ll be using these two months to polish up my book (with which I’m currently in a love-hate relationship) by rewriting the first draft and preparing to (gulp!) release in early September, when both Mars and Saturn will be moving forward and the impetus for new starts will be strongly supported. What will you be working on this summer? What goals need tweaking and refining in your life?

Three eclipses will spice things up during this Mars retrograde cycle: a partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 13th, a total lunar eclipse on July 27th at the Aquarius Full Moon, and another solar eclipse in Leo on August 11th. The July 13th eclipse will have us focused on our personal needs and how to take care of ourselves in the area of life ruled by Cancer in your horoscope. I will write more about that next time.

Here are the areas that will be affecting you around this time – finding balance will be the underlying theme in whatever area of life is highlighted.

For Aries Sun and Ascendant:  The Full Moon in your 10th house of social status and career highlights responsibility, authority and commitment.  Balancing and integrating your personal needs and your life direction is important right now.

For Taurus Sun and Ascendant: The Full Moon in your 9th house of travel, adventure, publishing, higher consciousness, higher education and beliefs will highlight work commitments, patience, and conclusions in these areas of life.

For Gemini Sun and Ascendant: The Full Moon in your 8th house of payments, debt and taxes, psychology, shared resources, and intimate relationships can highlight finalities, limitations, responsibilities and maybe even some fear to attend to.

For Cancer Sun and Ascendant: The Full Moon is in your in 7th house of committed relationships, experts you consult with, close friends and clients bringing culminations, responsibility, limitations or commitment in this area.

For Leo Sun and Ascendant: The Full Moon is in your 6th house of work, co-workers, daily life, responsibilities, pets and health leading to culminations, conclusions, increased responsibility, the need for patience or commitment around these issues.

For Virgo Sun and Ascendant: This Full Moon is in your 5th house of children, creative projects, love life, joie de vivre and leisure activities bringing up responsibility, conclusions, commitment and inner child healing themes in these areas.

For Libra Sun and Ascendant: The Full Moon in your 4th house of family, parents, residence, security and personal life brings culminations, responsibility, limitations, perseverance, parent/family situations or housing structures to your attention.

For Scorpio Sun and Ascendant: This Full Moon is in your 3rd house of siblings, cars, communication devices, neighbours, community, self-expression, local travel and thought processes highlighting commitments, the need for patience, agreements, decisions and culminations in these domains.

For Sagittarius Sun and Ascendant: The Full Moon in your 2nd house of self-esteem, earnings, talents and personal resources will lead to culminations, agreements, and commitment around these issues.

For Capricorn Sun and Ascendant: Your annual Full Moon is in your 1st house of identity, health, personal needs and desires bringing you culminations, responsibilities, limitations, and the need for patience or personal commitment in these areas.

For Aquarius Sun and Ascendant: The Full Moon highlights your 12th house of the past, fears, talents, psychic awareness, research and subconscious mind, which can lead to a heightened awareness of these issues.

For Pisces Sun and Ascendant: This Full Moon is in your 11th house of friends, colleagues, associations, goals, wishes and social media leading to developments, limitations, responsibilities and/or the need for patience around these areas.

Hang in there, the effort you are putting in now will definitely pay off in the months ahead – keep the broader goal in sight and remain open to surprising new options over the summer!

With much love and light,