A Uranian impetus for change at this New Moon in Taurus


Big things are happening this week!

Taurus likes security and predictability and usually resists change, but the energy this week is going to (yet again!) stimulate a long cycle of unavoidable and probably long overdue upheavals and changes in our personal and collective lives, so keep a flexible contingency plan in mind for whatever you’ve got in the works right now.

On May 15th, Mars, the planet of action, moves into socially conscious, freedom-loving and innovative Aquarius while unpredictable, disruptive and rebellious Uranus moves into Taurus for the first time since 1934. On top of both of them changing signs and thereby stirring up fresh energy, they also form a challenging square to each other within hours of the Taurus New Moon. This combination can be dramatic and possibly disruptive. The New Moon also forms trine aspects to Mars and Pluto, suggesting both the need for long-term change as well as the acknowledgement of where we need it.

Since Uranus entered Aries seven years ago, we have totally re-engineered ourselves.

While Uranus has been in Aries since March 2011 (moving in on the day of the earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima, Japan) we’ve felt the urge to begin anew, to release ourselves from restrictive attitudes or circumstances, to totally redesign some area(s) of our lives (and even our personalities), and to find more freedom and independence – both individually and collectively. It was the era of the selfie, individual identity, my sexuality, my opinions, my comfort zone… Aries is very self-referential and wants to be seen to be doing whatever it does, and we certainly got our fill of that from every possible angle.

Many of the revolutions and radical transformations that took place since early 2011 will be embedded in something more solid over the next few years. We have directly contributed to what we’re living through now, personally and socially. Beware of turning away from what you no longer want without doing the conscious work of releasing the old patterns that go with it, so they don’t get mixed up in what you are creating from now on.

When slow-moving outer planets like Uranus change signs, major events occur that affect all of us sooner or later.  Especially since Uranus is squaring Mars, this can involve earthquakes, volcanos and severe weather events, but also stimulate a lot of creative and inventive energy leading to great achievements. We’ve been feeling this volatility since last week and it will peak three times this year May 15-16th, August 1st, and September 18th. Especially now, from the New Moon on the 15th until the Full Moon on the 29th of May, volatility and unexpected events are the themes.

Uranus will wake you up to whatever has enslaved you

Our monetary and finance systems will transform over the next seven years; pensions and even savings can be affected. Old ways of making money, old values and habits around consumption will all be challenged over the next 7 or 8 years. We will collectively start to pay more attention to how we take care of the weaker members of society. Years of austerity and mismanagement will fuel social unrest around the world.

There will be ever more public protests, whistleblowers and outspoken criticisms. Agitation around emerging scandals will wake people up to how money, taxes and financial securities are organised and manipulated.

New standards of beauty are likely to become the norm, with body image, appearance and the beauty industry adapting to the shift. We will have new perspectives on ideas like ownership, possessions and the use of our natural resources.

We’ll see a revolution in the way people produce, transport and consume food, as well as the food itself. Innovations in agriculture and the environment will become increasingly radical and important.

“History never repeats itself, but it often rhymes.” ~ Mark Twain

Without wanting to sound alarmist, we only need to look at the last time Uranus was in Taurus and then take a glance at the headlines nowadays for clues of what to expect. Keep in mind that money, the value of things, material wealth, the environment/nature, land and agriculture, food, and security are major themes of Taurus, while Uranus is all about disruption and innovation.

From 1934 to 1942, in the lead up to the Second World War there were land grabs and annexations, a sharp rise in fascism and nationalism (not just in opposition but actually ruling several nations), longterm drought and agricultural mismanagement that brought on the famous dustbowl in the Midwestern United States, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to migrate within the US to look for work and food; there was famine in China, and powerful floods and earthquakes around the world causing mass deaths which were worsened by brutal, violent and genocidal regimes such as Stalin’s and Hitler’s; there were workers’ rebellions in many developed countries, with rioting due to poor pay and working and social conditions.

Everything you value will be up for reassessment

Economic inequality made worse under the great depression over the previous seven years left the poor even poorer, and the rich even richer. It was so much in the zeitgeist that a new board game called Monopoly was created in 1935 to reflect the times. In a period of mass homelessness caused by environmental catastrophe that worsened an ongoing economic depression (poignantly described in John Steinbeck’s 1939 book The Grapes of Wrath), Napoleon Hill wrote “Think and Grow Rich” in 1937; everything was possible if you just put your mind to it! If you’re poor, it’s your own darn fault – you just don’t know how to work the system. Sound familiar?

Taurus represents agriculture and food, and aside from the crop failures and devastation from poor industrial agricultural practices, there was rationing of food and petrol in the UK starting in 1939, as a part of the war effort, the consequences of which would last for the next decade or more. In Germany, the previously high unemployment rate was halved in 1934 by putting people to work building munitions and eventually the army, against the terms of the Versailles Treaty.

The Great Depression of 1929 to 1939 caused many countries to go off the Gold Standard and began the use of fiat (paper) currency that would become the norm in the decades to follow. We are currently seeing challenges to this fiat currency in the form of cryptocurrencies, which will likely change the way we relate to money as a store of wealth. New and innovative means of payment are also likely to become the norm in the next 7 years.

Scientific and practical innovations have a lasting impact as well – Penguin began to produce paperback books in 1934, democratising reading and access to information around the world; Alan Turing created the basis of today’s computers in 1936, and Nylon, a new synthetic fibre, was used to make clothing for the first time in 1937, leading to innovation in textiles and clothing that continues today.

Diamonds and Royals

After years of falling diamond prices, diamonds began to be considered particularly valuable in the 1930s, as diamond merchants De Beers created the idea that they are rare and valuable gemstones as a part of a massive marketing campaign in 1938. What had been virtually ignored before became a must-have for any young bride.

Queen Elizabeth II is born in the first degree of Taurus, so she will be feeling this week’s energy quite personally. That there is also a Royal Wedding around this time suggests that nobody thought to ask an astrologer whether getting married with an imprint of such turbulent energy is a good idea for the Monarchy. Prince Harry and his partner Megan Markle are likely to be quite an impetus for transformation, with a very unconventional relationship that will likely challenge Royal protocol for years.

Hard choices and personal sacrifices will need to be made

To live in alignment with your values, and before you commit to anything long term, you will have to reflect deeply on what is truly right for you. What you choose in the days and weeks ahead will have long-lasting consequences. No pressure! Adjustments are always possible in the future, but will likely be more painful than working to get it right in the first place. Short-term stability might need to be sacrificed in order to build a more stable foundation for the years ahead.

Two or three months from now, we will probably have to take action to revise or improve upon whatever we choose to do now. Some of us might feel like taking a risk that could upset our social status, reputation or career in order to feel more authentically ourselves. This is likely to cause upset among family, friends and colleagues, but will ultimately be for the better.

Before you tell your boss to go fly a kite…

Make sure you have a good sense of how you will manage your personal resources, in every sense. If your basic needs can be met, and you have talents you know you can put to good use, then this is the time to jump out of something restrictive and into something uniquely different.

Uranus will continue to move through the sign of Taurus until 2025-6 (aside from a four-month retrograde foray back into Aries from November 6, 2018, to March 6, 2019).

Set your intentions for the next month, and the next seven years!

Using the New Moon energy to our best advantage, we can set out your goals and intentions this week from the evening of the 15th to the 17th of May. Begin to take action on your plans once you see the sliver of the moon reappear in the sky at night, and let the waxing moon energy support you. This also applies to gardening, for those who like to co-create with nature.

If you set out plans at this New Moon, prepare to stick with them until the end of June. Whatever adjustments are needed will be clear and taken care of by mid-November.

Take a note of how this shift will affect you!

Read below for both your Sun sign and your Ascendant (if you know it). Bear in mind that other aspects of your chart will influence the impact and details of your personal experience.

Aries – You have just had the makeover of a lifetime, defining and redefining yourself a number of times over since 2011. Now your focus will be on your finances, and your value – what you care about as well as your self-worth – and developing your talents, gifts and abilities to align with how you see yourself today. Money, how you make it, and what you do with it will be a big area of experimentation for you now. What talents can you develop, or put to new use?

Taurus – You’re the one changing outwardly now, after years of adapting to changes in your inner, more hidden self. It’s time to redefine your role in life, and you will be able to see yourself from new and unexpected angles. This will affect those you share your life with, your intimate partner or close colleagues and business partners. They might not get what’s happening to you, but don’t let that stop you from doing what you must to feel more aligned with yourself.

Gemini – Your priorities in life have shifted tremendously since 2011, and you find yourself in a new place of letting go of whom and what you thought you needed to be happy. Your subconscious impulses come up for examination and you might feel more aware of self-sabotage or family and ancestral patterns that have influenced you throughout your life. This is a chance to clear out the attic before you get your own personal makeover when Uranus moves into your sign in 2025.

Cancer – After seven years of big changes in your career and social status, you now find yourself reassessing your hopes and dreams, discover surprising new life goals, and probably develop a dramatically new way of working. Your social circles will change as new associates and friends will reflect your new ambitions. You might get involved in a completely new arena, and find innovative ways of earning income from your work.

Leo – You are in for a boost to your career and status after a few years of thinking big and learning the profound truths of life. Now you must do something public, for the greater good, ideally. You will become known – or notorious – in your community over the next seven years. Your marital status could change as well as your reputation. Expect to be challenged to find new ways to present your work to the world, and to experiment with lots of different ways of being of service to your cause, your tribe, or your craft.

Virgo – Your life philosophy is in for a change, and you might find yourself wanting to travel more, with the aim of learning. You could decide to go to university or follow a similar type of mind-expanding study. Your religious or spiritual values are likely to change, and you will be challenged to find the beliefs that work for who you are becoming, and may shake off outworn or inherited ideas. You will be keen to expand your knowledge and learn from new cultures and philosophies.

Libra – You have just gone through a turbulent period of learning to find balance in partnerships, business or personal. Now your set to focus on shared resources, and perhaps a deeper exploration of your psyche than you have ever done before, including often taboo issues like sex and death. You might develop an interest in the occult or a new appreciation for psychotherapy. You will be able to look at the uncomfortable and intimidating parts of yourself that seemed overwhelming before, and you’ll emerge from these seven years profoundly transformed.

Scorpio – Uranus will be opposite your sign, and this can be unsettling at some point, depending on when this becomes exact. Your relationships are changing significantly, and you will need to change as well in order to respond. By the end of this period, you will have a profound new awareness of yourself through the jostling of relationships and new ways of being with your intimate other or business partners in the years ahead.

Sagittarius – Your day-to-day work and health habits will change, or be more stimulating and even hectic over this period. You might suddenly leave a job, change sectors or be offered something new right out of the blue. You might decide to become vegetarian after years of loving meat, or the opposite! By the end of it, even if there might be challenging surprises along the way, you will end up with a work situation and lifestyle that suits you better than before.

Capricorn – Your creativity will be stimulated in new and unusual ways. You might have more romance and fun in your life than before, and meet someone who is quite unlike your usual type. If you have children, you will change how you are with them, or your parent-child relationship might become quite different and even turbulent. If your business is your baby, you might change your entrepreneurial style, or do business in new ways, or sell new products. Self-expression is encouraged, so make the most of this chance to enjoy yourself more than ever.

Aquarius – Something will be changing around your home – moving house, renovations, maybe living more footloose and fancy-free for a while. Your home is your safety net, which allows you to express yourself in your unique way and always come back to something that grounds you, so take the time to sort out your living space in the way that suits you best. This also applies to your psychology, and you might find yourself subject to nervous disorders or an unsettled home and family life that challenges you to adapt.

Pisces – Your local community and means of communication will be changing after years of dealing with unstable finances and issues of self-esteem. This might mean moving to a new neighbourhood, or living with people in a different way – from city to country, from house to apartment, or vice-versa. New opportunities in writing, broadcasting or otherwise expressing yourself using technology will advance your cause in exciting and innovative ways. You will find a new voice, and express yourself more deliberately and assuredly.

Those of you born between November 1974 and early 1978 will soon be experiencing this as a sort of mid-life crisis if you’re not already feeling it. In the years ahead, it will affect those of you born from then up to November 1981. Depending on where you have other planets or important placements in your chart, you will feel it more or less intensely.

The Uranus opposition phase of life asks you to choose who you want to be, and if the life you’ve built so far doesn’t measure up, it will be in for a shakedown. People typically respond in one of two ways: the boob job, botox, sports car and mistress variety; or by realigning with a higher purpose and taking stock of life’s accumulated wisdom with a view to soaring higher in the remainder of your days.

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Breathe and smile through whatever winds of change are blowing through your life right now. You are sure to end up in a better place in due time.