Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio

You might have experienced a sense of irritability or more than the usual amount of stress or agitation over the past few days leading up to the Full Moon in Scorpio overnight from Sunday to Monday (12:57 am UTC). The pressure is lifting now and the next few days will bring you a more uplifting and productive energy, so be sure to use it to your advantage while it lasts!

The lunar nodes are strongly squaring this Full Moon, which suggests that after weeks of talking and thinking about how to move on and make the needed changes in some area of your life, you will finally be making a break from the past in a more concrete way (or the choice will be made for you!). This is likely to be quite uncomfortable and even unnerving, as it will certainly affect your sense of security. Don’t look back, except to wave and smile at who you used to be!

This might also be a time of revealing or purging hidden truths or deceptions. Issues around sex, sexuality and secrets as well as money matters (shared resources) and power games might come up around these days with this strong Scorpio energy, ideally for better clarification and even purification. The degree to which we cling to material possessions and hold onto jealousies and grudges will determine how things ultimately get worked out.

We can see this playing out all around us, too. Some of the things that might previously have seemed to be lovely on the surface are revealed to be putrifying and quite awful underneath. Jupiter in Scorpio has been showing us these uplifted stones since last October and will continue to stir things up until mid-November.

What is unfolding around this Full Moon period is a result of what was happening around the New Moon two weeks ago, as well as decisions you were already mulling over in November 2017. Some loose ends can be tied up over the next couple of weeks as we prepare not only for the New Moon in Taurus on the 15th of May, but for Uranus – the planet of breakdowns and breakthroughs – to move into money and security-oriented Taurus on the same day, after more than seven years in Aries. Tune in next time to find out which part of your world will be in for a full makeover!

With love and Full Moon light,


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