Virgo Full Moon brings a fuller perspective

Under the light of this Virgo Full Moon we could have important realisations about the current balance between the needs of our heart and those of our intellect – this is a good time to start your Spring cleaning, from the inside out!

The Indian festival of colours known as Holi is celebrated at the first full moon of Spring, and playing with colours helps to shake off the dullness of winter. It is traditionally a time to clean up and clear out stagnant energy in preparation for the activities Spring (after throwing coloured powder around!), as well as being a celebration of the vibrant life and colours of the season.

You might take this time to decide what needs to be reorganised in light of what you have learned about yourself and your personal goals over the past couple of weeks, and use the energy of Virgo for improving and purifying to examine where you need to be more selective and coherent in where you put your energy.

The Sun in Pisces highlights the energy of sacrifice, spiritualising life, letting go of three-dimensional limitations and the free-spirited, boundless connection with all that is. In opposition, the Virgo Moon represents service to others, perfecting and purifying actions in the most practical and useful way possible.

Neptune is also in Pisces, where its energy of nebulous spirituality has been magnified since early 2011 (and where it remains for another 7 years!), and it is right alongside the Sun opposing the moon, while Venus and Mercury are conjunct a little further along in Pisces, adding to the contradictory ‘go-with-the-flow versus sort yourself out’ energy that dominates the first half of March. Jupiter in Scorpio also provides a very supportive energy to all of the above, allowing us to see the deeper truths of the part of our lives ruled by Scorpio (as seen in your birth chart).

This spiritual and emotional combination of energies suggests that we would be wise to examine any tendency to give more than we receive wherever we have inadequate boundaries and a tendency towards conflict avoidance and people pleasing. Where does selfless service become martyrdom? Where is the line between conscious sacrifice and victimisation?

As someone with a lot of energy in Pisces, these have always been big questons in my life. While Chiron, representing healing and self-mastery, has also slowly moved through the sign of Pisces in the past seven years, this theme has been brought front and centre to highlight big lessons in how I use my talents and energy in the world, and how to learn to say no in accordance to what is best for me.

Giving more than we receive is an unconscious attempt to validate our worth, and especially to feel worthy of receiving love. We forget that love is our birthright, despite our past experiences or emotional education. Love should never be outsourced; we must always generate it from within ourselves first, connecting with the abundance of it and sharing it with others from there. In this way, we aren’t drained by others neediness, or thrown off balance by our own.

As Chiron makes its way to the end of Pisces over the next few weeks, we can reflect on what we have learned personally and socially since 2011 about the energy of victimhood, healing and self-mastery. When Chiron shifts into Aries in mid-April for the next seven years, we will have to apply those lessons as we discover how to own our individuality without resorting to self-centeredness and egotism and get out from behind the mask of poor self-esteem, which is just another trick of the immature ego.

If you are being drained by things you should no longer be tolerating, then you will also want to clarify your boundaries. Look after your needs as a priority in order to support yourself while being of service to others in the best way possible. Follow your highest purpose and deepest urging in the light of this moon. When the moment is right, the urge to take action will be strong and clear – the choices we make are made even easier when we can sense that they are supported by “divine timing”.

If the moment is right for you, book a reading with me for a look into your personal astrology and to give you insights into where you’ve been and where you’re heading now.

With much love and light,