Starting a new two-year cycle of action & ambition

Today’s Full Moon in Libra highlights relationships, especially what we might need to change in ourselves or in our relationship to others. But before we decide what needs changing, we first need to find out what we want going forward and where we want to end up. What kind of future do you envisage? What are your goals and hopes for the future?

Feelings can be intense around this time – keep your temper, especially if others can’t keep theirs! There might be a lot of communicating around needs and desires, which can be difficult to balance with those of others. Solutions might not be obvious right now, and compromise and patience will be necessary until we feel things moving forward after the middle of April.

As of this weekend, Mars will appear to meet up with Saturn in the sky as it does about every two years. The last time they met was April 2016, when you will have felt an increased emphasis on a part of your life that by now has become far less preoccupying. Because this is happening in the sign of Capricorn, both Saturn (which rules Capricorn) and Mars (which is exalted in Capricorn) are in good dignity, which mean their symbolic effects are stronger, supporting determination and action.

Starting this week, and maybe already in the past few days, you could experience some challenges or decide on new goals that will give you some idea of what will be the point of emphasis in your life over next two or three months. It will also offer you a taste of the major themes you will be working with over the next two years until Mars and Saturn meet again.

This energy can be demanding, and even cause some discord (politically, militarily and personally). However it is neither good nor bad per se: the way you respond to it makes it work for you or against you. Keep these ideas in mind as a way of understanding how to work with it:

  • Cultivate patience and perseverance
  • Beware of unresolved anger or lingering frustrations that can derail plans or relationships
  • You might be highly critical or feel criticised by others – channel it into positive change
  • There can be a clash of old and new ideas, ways of being, etc.
  • You can experience a tipping point that pushes you to change faster than you anticipated
  • You can make enormous progress towards your long-term goals
  • Hard work, strong willpower and overcoming obstacles will likely be needed
  • Use this energy to your advantage with consistent and disciplined action

Below you can find the areas of life that are likely to be affected according to your astrological Sun and/or Ascendant (Rising) sign. Read for both if you know them.

Aries – Authority figures can be a source of annoyance or spur some necessary adjustments to your plans. Big career changes are likely to be on your agenda, and career goals can be tested (and achieved!). A change of social/marital status is possible.

Taurus – Venus in your sign softens the effect of Mars and Saturn clashing in the area of your beliefs, higher education, and life plans, all of which might need revising. Bureaucracy or legal matters might need your attention and cause some stress, especially as regards foreign places.

Gemini – It could be time to take your power back from whatever or whomever you had given it to. Self-sabotage will need to be overcome and you have the courage to do so. Avoid unnecessary risks, overcome old fears and find a new way to organise shared finances and other resources.

Cancer – Personal or business partnerships need updating and some can be challenging, but you can also become more powerful, especially in professional relationships. Find the courage to make the changes you want to, and take action towards getting out of what feels like a stuck situation. A new approach to relating, or a new person to relate to, can create a solid long-term foundation.

Leo – It’s a time to resolve any debts or health situation that needs attention. Any residual victim energy needs to be overcome and you can find the courage to improve your daily circumstances. You might need to add something new to the way you work or develop a new fitness and health routine.

Virgo – There can be challenges around children or love interests, and you can find the courage to say what is long overdue to kids or lovers. Challenges to your self-esteem might have you feeling down and your creativity can be hard to tap into, but this can also drive you to make the necessary changes. Work towards a passion project or pursue creative goals. What have you wanted to do for years?

Libra – Family issues or obligations around home and family will spur you to action. You might decide to move or renovate, or even downsize. Perhaps your emotional needs should be updated, and you can now say “enough is enough” and decide to take better care of yourself. Old childhood behaviours or issues could need to be addressed, especially if you are feeling irritable and anxious around new responsibilities.

Scorpio – You can learn new skills, update old ones, or even learn a language that you require for success in your pursuits. Frustrations around work or business operations can push you to make changes. There can be new developments or even a clash with siblings, other relatives, neighbours or colleagues. Your way of communicating can be tested – control anger and channel it into constructive resolution of disuptes.

Sagittarius – There can be financial frustrations and obstacles, restrictions around your resources or more expenses than usual. You might change old, unhelpful ideas and habits around money as well as your own personal value. Do you need to adjust your fees? Ask for a pay increase? Work more for less as an investment in the future?

Capricorn – This is a major jumpstart to you personally, creating a whole new 28-year cycle that affects many aspects of your life. Your frustration with the way things are now will give you the impetus to push forward in a whole new direction in life. Your willpower is unstoppable and your ambitions will help you to overcome the clash between the old and new ways of being.

Aquarius – Work towards reclaiming your power from bad habits and self-sabotage, or from relationships that are not in your best interests. Find the courage to overcome any sense of victimisation and let go of any frustrations and resentments – including from childhood – that prevent you from moving on. In two years’ time you will be changing gears so prepare now by clearing out in every sense.

Pisces – Your long-term goals and dreams will be where most of your efforts are focused now, and you can find financial and social success and recognition if you follow through. Some friendships might drift away because of your new focus. You might need to revise some earlier long term goals or tweak them as you go forward to make them more achievable.

When you find yourself feeling confronted with something new and daunting, sit quitely, breathe and smile. Resist falling back and operating from what you already know, and have confidence that you can figure things out as you move forward. Whether you are releasing old obstacles or acknowledging new ones, surrender it all to the forces of change with this invocation:

“I now let this go into the light of my highest Self. I release (this obstacle) with gratitude for all it has taught me, as I now see that it has served its purpose in my life.”

Jai Ganesha!

Much love and light as you courageously climb towards your goals!