Ready, set, GO! A good time for an upgrade.

Feeling ready to move on in life? With a new lunar cycle just underway, and a new solar cycle about to begin at the Vernal Equinox on Tuesday afternoon, these are good days to make serious plans for what you want to create in the weeks and months ahead, and start taking action this week.

In yoga, we use Sankalpa to plant the seeds of what we want to manifest in our lives. Ideally, this is done in a fully relaxed state such as during yoga nidra when the mind is in the liminal state between sleep and wakefulness, making it highly receptive to suggestion (essentially a hypnotic state). Unlike ordinary intentions we might want to set, Sankalpa is always aligned with our life purpose (one of the meanings of the word Dharma) so we should align with that higher intention before deciding on the Sankalpa.

A Sankalpa is created using the present tense, because through it we are embodying our intention and vowing to live by our highest potential right now, not at some point in the future. My Sankalpa is “I am love and inspiration” and this helps to guide me in the choices I make. When I’m not living through this expression of my Dharma, I feel off and things don’t go well for me. During your yoga nidra practice, you could mentally repeat “I am getting better every day, in every way” if you haven’t yet found a personal Sankalpa.

New moons are beneficial times to plant real or metaphorical seeds, and set goals and intentions.* Saturday’s New Moon in Pisces was boosted by Mars (the planet representing action and motivation) moving into Capricorn for the first time since September-October 2016. It stays there from now until May 15th, strengthening determination and persistence in the area of life where Capricorn is found in your natal chart.

Planning ahead and setting clear goals is always helpful, but especially so when Mars is in Capricorn, where it functions really well: initiative and action meets structure and purpose.  We find the energy and drive to achieve in concrete ways; you want to see results from your efforts and you’ll get them!

There is a deeply spiritual nuance to all of this action-oriented energy, suggested by the Pisces New Moon joined with Chiron (the asteroid that represents healing and overcoming suffering), which is about to leave Pisces after seven years there. Pisces is symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions, finding harmony regardless of the direction life is flowing, transcending boundaries and limitations.

Chiron in Pisces has been an opportunity to make peace with life. What have you overcome since the beginning of 2011? Can you see how you are a better-integrated person as a result of the challenges and suffering you have endured? Who can you forgive and release (including yourself)? How can you take these lessons into the goals you set for yourself now? How can you serve humanity with what you have learned?

After the stimulating productivity of the next three months, Mars will retrograde back into Capricorn from June 26th until August 27th, during which time it would be best to revise and develop what you have achieved up to that point, rather than starting any new endeavours. Things initiated under Mars retrograde tend to fail or fizzle out, be they wars or legal challenges (which could work in your favour if you’re the opponent) or new relationships. Continue slogging out what is already underway: Capricorn teaches us patience and persistence – plan well, revise better, and wait for the right moment to act on new ideas.

It’s worth pointing out that Saturn is still in Capricorn (since December 21st) until 2020, and Pluto has been there since 2008. To say the least, the area of life ruled by Capricorn in your personal chart is being restructured and transformed in a truly life-changing way!

On the world stage, this is very volatile, martial energy and an opportunity for new ideas to forcefully overtake old, outdated ones. New financial and energy systems and new solutions to tricky problems can yet evolve in this atmosphere of high tension and renegade leadership. Donald Trump has Mars on his natal Ascendant, potentially making him a goal-oriented leader who takes decisive action, or – what we tend to see more often, alas – a belligerent bully.

This is not the time for New Age wishful thinking, waiting for signs or sending prayers. Mars in Capricorn will push you to be at the top of your game; stay goal-oriented and focused on the path ahead. Don’t be afraid of a little hard work! Your actions matter to all of us, and they will be rewarded by the unique results you will have created by following your highest intentions.

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* People sometimes talk about Full Moons this way, but this goes against the logic of the lunar cycle. New Moons are inception periods, and Full Moons are culminations or manifestation points of what was begun in the inception stage.

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