Eclipsing old networks, associations and goals?

Eclipses form a part of a larger cycle spanning about 19 years, so with today’s Partial Solar Eclipse (15/2) we can look back to February 1999. Significant themes in your outer and/or inner life will appear to be cycling around once again, since these current Eclipses are activating the exact same spots in your chart as 19 years ago (there was a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 31st 1999, and a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius February 16th 1999).

Can you remember your life’s major events back then? What was changing for you? Were you disengaging from certain social groups in order to explore your independence in a whole new arena? Was is the end of an era with a distinct group of old friends, colleagues or partners which had become staid and stale, setting the stage for you to explore something different? What were some of the upsets or revelations that changed your life and shifted you into a whole new social circle?

Probably, if you can remember what was happening with and to you in the beginning of 1999 (and the five or six months afterwards) you might also recall that there was a significant shift in the way you were expressing yourself as an individual, moving into whole new context of social acquaintances and like-minded people. For me, it was both leaving a way of working and a way of living, as I experienced the birth of my daughter – my first child – thereby transforming me and my circle of friends completely. At the end of February 1999 I finished my last-ever day of work in an office job, gave birth two weeks later, and never looked back.

Now, just like 19 years ago, we are getting ready to move into something completely new, a community of people whose impact on our lives is as yet impossible to imagine. Living in alignment with your personal truth – and remembering that concepts like Truth do indeed exist – will help you to pick your way forward, even if at first it won’t be very clear: we are living in times of far greater uncertainty than we were in 1999, Y2K notwithstanding!

This is a good time for consciously making changes. Finish something left over from the past – emotional and material completion will be liberating right now. Eliminate, donate or give away outdated objects and free your living space from clutter. Since the beginning of the year I have been giving or throwing away one item a day (sometimes more). It’s easy to do (rather than having to do a major cleanup) and very gratifying, and it really does help to free up “stuck” energy!

All eclipses break patterns, as manifested by the dimming of the sun by the moon during a solar eclipse or the obscuring of the moon by the earth’s shadow in a lunar eclipse. The fruits of an eclipse will take up to six months to ripen, and what happens in the days surrounding the eclipse period will suggest their flavour.

It’s important to be conscious of the quality of our thoughts, feelings and actions at any time, but especially so during an eclipse as this can give you an idea of where things are headed. You can make use of this energy deliberately as free will bumps up against fate. Being aware of what you want helps you to be prepared for any upsets and opportunities that typically arise.

Recognise what you are evolving away from, where you have come from, and where you hope to move towards. Take these next few days to reflect on your highest goals, modeling what you want to achieve and manifest in your life. Dream yourself a future and leave the details up to the universe.

Be inspired, and be yourself!

With love and light,