Total Lunar Eclipse – Where were you last summer?

Total Lunar Eclipse – Where were you last summer?

Today’s Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse, and because the moon is also at perigee (the closest it gets relative to the centre of the Earth) it’s a bit bigger than usual, which is why it’s also being called a super moon. Plus, being the second full moon in a calendar month (we started this year with a full moon), it is also traditionally known as a blue moon.

Let’s see how this breaks down: Full Moon = strong astrological interest; Lunar Eclipse =  significant astrological interest; Super Moon = dubious astrological interest; Blue Moon = zero astrological interest.

As much as some of you might roll your eyes at the mention of astrology, I take it seriously because it really works (don’t ask me how!) to determine cycles, and genuinely helps people. But, thanks largely to social media, astrology is suffering the same fate as yoga – a dumbing down and over-generalisation that makes the eye rolls totally legitimate.

And, just like yoga, astrology cannot be one-size fits all. There are certainly influences we are all experiencing, but to label something as positive or negative is entirely subjective and depends not only on a person’s birth chart but also on how they view their life and the nature of life itself.

So take a slow, deep breath with me now and see how we can use this impersonal energy and give it some personal relevance.

Reflect back to last August 21st’s Solar Eclipse, and what was happening in your life around that time, give or take a couple of weeks. What decisions did you make? What events changed the course of your life’s direction?

This Lunar Eclipse is like the bookend to last summer’s events. You are likely to see evidence of a validation or a culmination of what was being highlighted then.

The degree to which you experienced that energy as either internal shifts in attitude or aims or as important external events and changes will reflect the degree to which that Eclipse affected your personal horoscope.

What are you realising now? Where are you now compared to 5 months ago? Where do you feel there is a radical transformation happening in your life right now? What old thoughts and habits need to change to make the adjustment? What needs to change materially?

Much of this process has been solidly underway for the past six or seven years due to other strong vectors for change, but Eclipses give us a nudge – sometimes a strong push – out of our comfort zone, accelerating transformation. You could also look as far back as January 2000, or even January 1982, to get another element in how your personal cycles are unfolding, as the energies at that time were affecting your life in similar ways.

With Venus next to the Sun in Aquarius now, there is a lot about important relationships that will be changing for you – comings and goings. Be adaptable based on who you have become over the years, and recognise when change is welcome. Jupiter is also at a point where we might be digging up old shadows,  traumas, and long-forgotten talents. They are returning with a purpose, so look at them with clear eyes.

The total eclipse of today’s Full Moon in Leo might be happening as you read this, at 14:30 Brussels time. We can’t see it in Belgium (or Europe), because (techinically) the Sun’s light makes the moon invisible during the day, and (practically) the heavy cloud would have spoiled it anyway.

Don’t despair! We’ll get our chance to see another Total Lunar Eclipse on the July 27th around 21:30. At that point look back on this week in your agenda and see how you have evolved and transformed from where you are now.

Best wishes for your ongoing evolution!