New moon, new impetus for change

New moon, new impetus for change

Today the Moon meets the Sun in Libra beginning a new month-long cycle which will especially reveal issues in relationship – how you handle them and with whom. Uranus is directly opposite the Sun and Moon, meaning that outcomes can be very different to what was expected.  Either way, relationships will be changing a lot around this time – either within an existing relationship, or through endings or beginnings. Liberation and expanding consciousness is the key!

If you like to use New Moon periods for intention-setting, reflect on your plans now and begin new things once the moon begins to reappear in the sky, over the weekend. Om cham chandraya namaha!

After 13 months in Libra, Jupiter – known in India as Guru, the great teacher that brings expanded knowledge as well as material benefits – has moved into Scorpio where it remains until November 2018. When any slow-moving planet moves through Scorpio we tend to discover what is hidden, whether it is our individual unconscious or “shadow” side, or the collective shadow. Whatever has been stuffed deep down and buried will reveal itself – when Saturn entered Scorpio in October 2012, a disturbing series of paedophilia cases emerged into public awareness. Now, since Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 11th, there has been an awakening to the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault in our society. Notice that these disturbing revelations are much needed and were always rumbling beneath the surface, where most people didn’t want to look. These awakenings can bring about positive change if we act consciously, or simply divide us further if we don’t.

Scorpio is about emotional and psychological depth and truth, issues of transformation, especially the ultimate transformation through death. What is your relationship to your own psyche? Are you afraid to take a closer look? Issues of personal and social transformation and power will come up, and if we take on this process of metamorphosis in a conscious way, Jupiter will reward the effort when it leaves Scorpio in November 2018.

This cycle repeats every 12 years so you might notice that around late 2005 and through most of 2006 we were called on in a similar way, and this current transit takes us up to yet another level of experience. Do the work and this alchemical transformation will reveal its gold wherever Jupiter passes through your chart, as this is where you are being asked to expand and upgrade your life. Om gum gurave namaha!

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