Follow the Path into the Unknown and find SPACE to shine

Follow the Path into the Unknown and find SPACE to shine

We are all created uniquely and have our own imbalances. Yoga can become our own inner medicine, when we know how to listen to what the body is asking for. Elemental Yoga is the practice of balancing the 5 Elements that we can see active in Nature and are in operation within us: Water, Space, Fire, Earth and Air. Within a journey in sync with the Seasons and the Moon’s cycles, it reconnects us to the forces of Nature and its deep healing power.

The blossoming of flowers, longer days and stronger light suggest that the Spring season has arrived. That is the season when the Space Element can easily be observed and experienced. Nature is waking up from the dormancy of winter, and within us we might feel an upsurge of energy, a desire to stay outdoors, a tendency to make new plans and engage in new activities. Tuning into this powerful call for action can help bringing clarity about what we want, envisioning new possibilities, making wise decisions and moving forward in that direction.

The SPACE Element Yoga Workshops offer the opportunity to experiment this uplifting energy and set forth a path towards that which we desire. They are organised close to Full Moon days being a powerful time for inner work and creating space for the new to come. Each workshop has a special theme and combines asanas, pranayamas, meditations, visualisations, mudras and mantras.

14 May: “Unlocking the power to take action”

Do you set great intentions and make good plans but fail to take them forward? This workshop aims to bring awareness to those forces that might undermine our ability to act, and thus to help to set the basis for changing what might be disturbing us.

11 June: “Envisioning the path of creation”

On 9 June the Full Moon in Sagittarius will stimulate expansion and a desire of doing new experiences. The yoga practice will harness this exciting energy for creative action and envision the direction towards our dearest goals.

The workshops are offered by Silvia, certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, and organised at Inspiration Yoga Centre, Rue Alphonse Renard 55, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium.

A donation of €25 is required to participate