The art of planning without expectation or attachment

The art of planning without expectation or attachment

Things rarely go the way we hope they will, yet we continue to operate day to day as if we know what is coming next.

For most people, the word ‘planning’ probably conjures up some form or implicit or explicit to-do list along with an expectation that things will work out accordingly.  Alas, as the saying goes, God laughs when we’re making plans!

So how can we reconcile this paradox of wanting to plan for the future with having to let go of knowing what the future might hold? This challenge seems especially poignant these days when so many of our social foundations are crumbling around us in disturbing and unpredictable ways.

What if we were to replace the word ‘plan” with ‘intention’? There is more suppleness in ‘intention’, yet it still allows for the firmness of working towards a goal. We can set ourselves up to move in a particular direction based on what we know today, and remain flexible and resilient enough to make any necessary changes along the way without the regret or discouragement of plans gone awry.

Today’s New Moon in Taurus can stimulate our desire for more physical security and comfort, as well as a reliable and sustainable livelihood. If we can pay attention to what is calling out to us in the current energies, we can work in practical, tangible ways – even if only at the stage of setting out a firm intention – to establish a solid foundation for a more self-reliant future.

In order to do this with confidence, a practice of inner stillness is really helpful as a way of checking in with what is truly important to you now. Once the sliver of the new moon becomes visible, in a couple of days, it will be a good time to set out your intentions and persist in whatever it takes to work towards them.

At the same time, you might have been feeling agitated and restless, and more anxious than usual lately. It’s not just the news of current events that’s stirring you up, it’s the very same energy that is stimulating these events that also has us all wound up and snarky! This agitation will shift and lighten up after this week, so keep breathing deeply and avoid over-reacting to people and events in the days ahead.

The lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu) highlight our dharma, evolution and growth. In the next two weeks, they will be moving into the Leo-Aquarius axis for the next 18 months, shifting the overall emphasis of our lives in the months ahead. Look back to 1989-90 and 2008-09 for a sense of what themes might be coming up again for you this time around.

May will bring us a palpable change in energy compared to the past few weeks, with creative solutions emerging regarding issues that have felt stuck for ages, plus a sense of being supported in the changes that we need to make going forward.

Change and letting go can be difficult. Yet they are the unavoidable stuff of life, really. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, flexible and keenly aware of your inner guidance and you will feel the flow of life guide you onwards regardless of the turbulence of the world around you.

With much love and light,