April Yoga Update

April Yoga Update

After decades of deepening a traditional yoga practice, it really seems like the time is right to shake things up a bit. Been. There. Done. That! Right?!

Bring on the new and exciting – Inspiration is really psyched to present these hot new trends coming soon, all offered by instructors with at least a few weekend trainings under their belt!

Check out our new line-up of courses – you’ll be amazed at what is possible in the name of yoga!

Much love and lightness,

Yoga tapas wine bar

There’s just no time to fit it all in, am I right?

And how do you make small talk with that cutie on the mat next to you when you’re supposed to look like you’re having an inward experience of your yoga practice?!

Seriously, we get it.

So we’ve teamed up with the local wine bar to help you rehydrate and max-out on anti-oxidants while enjoying post-yoga class mixing. After all, the Sangha is the most important of the three jewels, right? Even the Buddha believed that. Or something.

And we combine this with tapas because it’s just like you want your yoga practice to be – a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, taking only what you want and leaving the rest behind!

Watch this space for more new stuff, too because we’re working on a new offering which will provide the chance to meet up at the bar first, then stumble into an awesome Yoga Nidra afterwards. Super-relaxing after a busy week!  More details here.


Acro yoga with pets or muppets or whatever

Simplicity and calm are just so totally overrated. Give up and give in to your monkey mind!

We want to offer you the same stimulating and distracting experience you get in the rest of your daily life in order to maintain continuity and provide you with the impression that your yoga practice is advancing because you’re, like, doing new stuff all the time. Right?

We know you’ll love it and have a special 6-week program designed to keep you motivated just long enough until you get bored and want to try the next new thing.

No experience required. Click here to learn more.


Schedule Update

We finally sorted out those issues with our neighbours and are once again thrilled to offer your favourite naked yoga classes! Expose yourself to a whole new way of seeing your body, inter alia. Thanks for bringing your own mat!

Click here for more details.



It’s all the rage! Freak out and let it all out on your yoga mat. Ahimsa- shmimsa!

You’ll love hating on your parents while working up a sweat from screaming and swearing
in this hot new fast and furious class!

At the end of each class you collapse into child’s pose while resolving your emotions
before heading out into the world.

(Thanks for refraining from punching the walls in the changing area
until we sort out the padding.)

Details here!