Transforming yourself to transform the world

Turning your dreams into reality is one of the major themes of Sunday, March 12th’s full moon, and I am definitely feeling excited by the positive feedback and interest in my webinar and new online course – a longtime dream of mine!

You can watch the webinar replay at any time – it can be useful to anyone going through a period of change or self-examination.

The Special Offer ends tonight, so jump on board now if you want to join us for this journey!

Today’s Full Moon highlights your creative imagination (with Neptune – the planet of otherworldly, visionary influences – conjunct the Sun) as well as a review of your professional and relationship goals and values (with Venus retrograde – think back to the summer of 2015, the last time Venus appeared to move backwards).

The recent New Moon eclipse got you thinking differently, maybe unexpectedly (since Uranus is strongly involved!) – now whaddya gonna do about it?!

The make-it-real influence of Saturn makes a hard aspect to the Full Moon, so you will want to get clear about your goals and dreams (Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune) and take the concrete and practical steps to realise them (Moon in Virgo), or else see your dreams dissolve back into Neptune’s wistful waters.

Throughout 2017 there are strong influences towards a major course-correction in our lives and in our society. One of these is a strong pull to spiritualise our lives and actions (or the alternative, from the lower-vibrational influence of Neptune – to self-medicate and live in a world of fantasy and aversion to facts!).

This doesn’t mean running off to an ashram! It is really a call for us to recognise the fleeting and fragile nature of our life on earth, and to bring a sense of meaning and perspective to our everyday activities.

Life is too short to stay angry, or to play it safe and be a stick in the mud. There is something you know you want to do with your talents and dreams. Take whatever small steps you can today so you get moving along your path, even if it is writing out your goals on a piece of paper.

When you start to change, your entire world changes along with you – inescapably! What you do matters to the rest of us, for good or for bad.

Conscious change will bring you fulfilment and a sense of value that will spread out around you in unexpected ways, so wake up! You have the gift of another day to live into.

Love and light,