A fresh start!

One of the highest teachings of all the great spiritual traditions inevitably also turns out to be one of the most difficult to implement. Non-attachment makes so much sense intellectually, but in practice we find ourselves twisted up in emotions and habits that make letting go of the past a pretty sticky affair.

But exhale deeply folks, because if ever there was a time to practice non-attachment, this would be it!

Over the past few years we have been challenged collectively and as individuals to create something new and better suited to our current needs and ambitions, and at this moment we have a lot of cosmic support to really define that new path, and to take action towards it.

I look for what needs to be done.
After all, that’s how the universe designs itself.

~ R. Buckminster Fuller

The Sun, Venus, and the Moon are coming together to enhance Aries’ enthusiastic energy of initiation and fresh starts. The wonderful thing about working along with natural cycles is that we can really benefit from the support offered in the flow of things rather than struggling against them.

We are being pulled out of our comfort zones in many ways – part of us is excited and another part is either too scared or too stuck in a rut so we can’t quite shake off the old stuff. This is a year to work hard towards your goals and set yourself up to grow in the right direction for you.

Saturday, March 25th marked the beginning of a new 8-year Venus cycle, to be followed early Tuesday morning (28 March) by a New Moon in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

Venus, who has been below the horizon (“in the underworld”) since March 18th, reemerges on Friday, March 31st as the morning star – always a significant event as a new cycle-within-a-cycle, and all the more so now because she reappears in the first degree of the first sign of the zodiac, underscoring the initiating energy.

Mercury, representing our thinking and communication, meets innovative and revolutionary Uranus this week, leading to new insights and inspirations, and given the positive connection to Saturn, can mean lasting and positive change.

Can you say: “New beginnings?”

What do you feel most passionate about? Where do you need to stand up or stand out more? Where do you need to be more clear, and take a stand for what you believe? What do you truly love?

There is an increasing polarisation of values – social and personal – throughout 2017.  Profound and perhaps even difficult decisions around your values might need to be taken. It’s a good time to clarify your inner authority, know what’s worth fighting for and what’s not worth your time.

Most of my advances were by mistake.
You uncover what is when you get rid of what isn’t.
~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Venus represents our relationships, as well as our relationship to money, abundance and beauty. She is retrograde until April 15th, which gives us a good opportunity to clarify what path you want to take, and to explore what would be possible if you dared to walk it!

Wait until the second half of April to establish a new business or get a clear sense of a new relationship while enjoying the potential to reconnect with old friends, partners and lovers in the meantime.

The next 9 months will bring significant changes in the way you feel and relate to others in important relationships.  Jupiter in the opposite sign of Libra suggests that what we might benefit from going forward must involve cultivating relationships, and some compromise or adjustment might be needed to achieve what you want. Watch for the results of what you start now to become apparent in January 2018.

The higher vibration of Aries is the spiritual warrior. We are all learning how to take Right Action, practice being assertive rather than aggressive, and to become more courageous in life! What could you achieve if you believed in yourself? Be brave, lean on your tribe when necessary, and know that you are here to contribute something of benefit that is possible only as a direct result of you living through your unique gifts and passions.

Much love and light,