Introduction to Elemental Yoga

Introduction to Elemental Yoga

Dive into Water under the Gaze of the Moon

Special series of 3 Workshops on the Moon days of 11 & 26 February plus 12 March 2017

We are all created uniquely and therefore we each have our own imbalances. Yoga can become our own inner medicine when we know how to listen to what the body is asking for. Elemental Yoga helps us to access the qualities of Nature that are in operation in the Universe and within us. The result is gaining awareness and understanding of our deeper Nature. Elemental Yoga is the practice of balancing within us the 5 Elements that we can see active in Nature: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Within a journey through the seasonal forces, and in sync with the depths of the Moon’s cycles, it reconnects us to the forces of Nature in a potent and life-affirming experience.

We are in the winter season when the Water Element is fully active. It is a time to rest, to wait and reflect on our desires, to explore our potential for then manifesting what we really want for ourselves. Join the workshops on these special Full and New Moon days and explore the power of the Water Element within you in a journey which might surprise you! Each workshop has a special theme, and combines asana sequences, pranayamas, meditations, visualisations, mudras and mantras. Follow all of them or only those that interest you more.

11 February: “Allowing your Potential to Flow”

The practice aims to raise awareness on blockages within us and to connect with emotions that might challenge our path. The powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo will accompany the process with the enthusiasm and courage typical of this sign.

26 February: “Trusting the Power of your Imagination”

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will offer a special opportunity to dive into the realm of the unconscious. The practise will support a journey to connect us with our dreams and intuition, and set clear intentions to rekindle our lives.

12 March: “Nourishing your Intentions”

Water is a master of determination, for example in shaping rocks to flow through its natural path. Likewise, we need to be determined to manifest our intentions. That is what the practice will help doing, by grounding and re-energizing our intentions under the meticulous energy of the Full Moon in Virgo.

The workshops are offered by Silvia, certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, and organised at Inspiration Yoga Centre, Rue Alphonse Renard 55, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium.

This is a charity event: a donation of Euro 25 is required for each workshop. All returns, net of organisational costs, will be donated to the people affected by the earthquakes in Italy.