A vibrant Full Moon to set off the holiday season!

A vibrant Full Moon to set off the holiday season!

Overnight tonight (December 14th at 01:05 CET) we will (hopefully!) see another glorious Full Moon – the third “supermoon” in a row. Although there is a lot of light, social energy behind this Gemini Moon – the culmination of the fact-seeking New Moon of two weeks ago – there is also a strong influence of Saturn conjuncting the Sun in opposition to the Moon prompting us to get real about our life and what is true for us. Our personal and collective shadow energy is being exposed for a good airing out!

2016 has been a year of purging and exposing the shadow side of ourselves and society, and 2017 (which I’ll write more about in January) will present many more lessons in patience and forbearance. This work can’t be avoided. It’s a bit like collectively waking up from a massive orgy that had been crashed by barbarians, and now the cleanup must be done, hangover or not! Over the next few years you will decide which of the broken bits to repair, and which to throw away entirely – and even decide if you need a new social life! 😉

Next week, Mercury – which is the planetary ruler of this Full Moon – stations retrograde in Capricorn on the 19th, continuing its apparent backwards motion throughout the holidays until turning direct in Sagittarius on January 8th. Choose your words carefully, double-check your travel arrangements, keep your holiday gift receipts and – most especially – use this period to review and reflect upon where we are heading, personally and collectively.

How closely are you living in line with your values? It’s very liberating to embrace even unpalatable truths, learn from them and move on. Closeted away through convention or fear, too many people are denying their magnificent self a chance to flourish because they have to keep up a façade of perfection or distinction that doesn’t work any more (if ever it did!), but the mask has been worn for so long it’s hard to take it off.

We get to decide how we want to see the world, as it only ever exists through our perceptions. This full-moon reality check is an opportunity to choose consciously whether we want to shine or be defeated by life’s challenges.

This highly-aspected Full Moon will have you wanting to make big changes in the houses of your natal chart that are ruled by Sagittarius and Aries. The current innovative energy will be supported by Saturn’s love of structure and effort, also boosted by Mars giving you the drive and motivation to make real plans for change.  Onward and upward!