How real is reality, really?

How real is reality, really?

Several months ago, I suggested it was a good time to embrace uncertainty and let go of everything else. How’s that working for you?

A big part of the uncertainty we are challenged to embrace is an allowance for not having things work out as we had wanted. They almost never do, actually, but we notice less when the results are still within a range of things we aspired to. If we look closely, we can see that we often project an outcome or an ideal, then get attached to it, then label it “reality”. But how real is this “reality”?

We often confuse our opinions with truth, and this, in turn, clouds our discernment and experience of reality, as well as disrupting relationships with others who might not share this opinion. Anything the mind concocts is only subjectively real, and there are over 7 billion subjective realities prancing around this earth. The Truth behind the thought is the awareness of it, what could be described as pure consciousness, and this can’t be expressed in words.

We arrive at our personal truths in mysterious ways, and rarely do we question them. Yet we fiercely defend our poorly-internalised beliefs when they are challenged by another worldview. Mindfulness can help us better understand our own views and find a space for understanding the views of others, without needing to agree with them, which can lead us to a place of compassion instead of conflict (here is a recent article I wrote about this for Curejoy).

Beware of the disempowering tendency to get caught up in the energy of other people’s tirades, which can lead to catastrophe thinking (where worst-case scenarios seem guaranteed to happen). QUESTION MORE. Hold a space for uncertainty, and notice that your own opinions, evaluations and beliefs have shifted over the years (hopefully!) and will continue to morph into new ones in times to come. They represent what you think and feel now, and this will most probably change.

Upeksha is the Sanskrit word for equanimity. It’s what arises when we can accept what is happening to us, around us and within us, without resistance, blame or judgement – a pretty tall order! This is not the same as resignation, however. Resignation is disempowering, and acceptance – equanimity – is profoundly empowering. From a position of acceptance, we can take constructive actions and make better choices which move us towards something we would like to experience rather than resisting what we don’t want to experience.

Attachment to outcomes – by which I mean wanting things to go our way (my way or the highway!) – is what leads to resistance, anger and even violence. Any “victory” won under these conditions will be shallow and short-lived, until the pendulum swings the other way. When we set up our expectations of happiness and comfort according to a certain result, we are giving up our power to that external condition. Yet nothing and nobody can ever make you happy – only your inner experience of what is happening in this moment will decide how you feel, and you have unique control over that.

When we are not attached to a specific outcome, there is a lot of room for adjustment and progress. We can hold a clear vision for what we want and simultaneously allow for the outcome to appear in any form it takes!

Staying flexible, adaptable – like young bamboo – allows us to find a new balance quickly whenever we start to teeter. Green bamboo is resilient, and its roots are deep and constantly seeking out nourishment – it’s a wonderful metaphor for life (this is why I chose a little bamboo man as part of Inspiration’s logo).

Today’s full moon in Taurus (opposite the Sun in Scorpio) is an opportunity to evaluate your need to control or be controlled. What is your true value, and what do you value in this life? This moon harkens back to an energy that was triggered by the eclipses of November 2012. What happened around that time, or in the months afterwards, and how is that related to what your intuition is guiding you to do now?

The current energies continue to be confusing and unsettling (the theme of 2016!) for anyone who is resisting change. The turmoil which has picked up momentum since Pluto entered Capricorn in October 2008 will continue for another few years until the establishment has been broken down to represent the will of the people. Blind faith, delusion and escapism will dominate anyone who can’t rise up to a higher, more spiritual or philosophical perspective on life. Stay centred in your body and breath, which are your trustworthy references to how close to the present moment you are living – the closest we can ever get to reality in our everyday mind.

Much love and light to you as always – really! 😉