Living with turbulence: listen with an open heart

Hate never yet dispelled hate.
Only love dispels hate.
This is the law, ancient and inexhaustible.

~ The Buddha

Please take a brief moment – 30 seconds, perhaps – and sit quietly with me. Smile softly and breathe in through your nose, and gently out through your mouth. Soften your heart, your stomach, your throat. Close your eyes, and smile again.

Feel that what is allowing your heart to beat is also keeping all other hearts beating, what is nourishing you and sustaining your life through your breath is nourishing and sustaining all life, everywhere.

Imagine the little round face of a tiny baby. Does that wee baby know what nationality she is? Does she know her religion? Does she know her name, or her sexuality? None of these things is real. None of these things affects the true, pure nature of Self. We are each an element of a greater consciousness, a fractal within an incomprehensibly beautiful work of unfathomable proportions.

There is no ‘other’. No ‘elsewhere’. This is where life is happening, in this moment, and there will never be a better moment. Enjoy your breathing, and smile.

The everyday squabbles and bigger battles over opinions and beliefs is suffocating and draining us of our innate capacity to thrive and expand. Who do you hate? Who are the ones who are wrong/disgusting/inappropriate in your eyes? What is to be gained? Examine your thoughts and beliefs deeply and openly – perhaps for the first time. Where do these ideas come from? How can you be sure about any of it?

Right now – RIGHT NOW! – we can feel happy and well, and share our energy with those – near and far – who are unable to do so. Outer circumstances are always challenging us from every angle, especially in these times; we can find courage and strength in discerning what is real – such as love and the continuous flow of life itself – from what is transitory and imagined – like our emotions and thoughts.

Many of you have heard me talk from an astrological perspective about the brutal intensity of this era over the past five or six years. We are in a period of dramatic social transformation which resonates with other revolutionary periods in history, most recently the 1930s.  While there is a rising consciousness on the one hand (symbolised by Uranus in Aries), on the other hand there is an entrenched conservatism fueled by fear and ignorance (Pluto in Capricorn).

The astrological influences at the moment are leading to confusion and radicalisation. The extremism of Saturn in Sagittarius is clashing with the nebulousness of Neptune in Pisces, and expanded by the influence of Jupiter in Virgo until the end of the summer. Mercury will add to these tensions later this week, forming a grand cross pattern which often provokes change in a noticeable way – for good or bad.

This is a time, through most of 2016, in which we can’t trust that what we see or hear is accurate or honest. Be very slow to judge or assume anything until you have more information, and remain open to living with uncertainty for a while. Avoid big decisions until September or later, if possible. Not only is there much around us that is confusing or misleading (deliberately or innocently), but we are also easily distracted (deliberately or innocently), so truly listening and comprehending is challenging. Are we really listening to understand those around us? Are we selectively listening based on our personal agenda or fears? What part of the “news” do we switch off, or focus in on? Are we getting the big picture?

Next Monday’s Full Moon in the last degree of Sagittarius opposes the Sun in the last degree of Gemini. There is a clear message of ending something, as 12 hours later the summer solstice occurs – a lovely coincidence and a turning point in the energy of the year. This energy takes us back (again!) to May and June of 1997. What changed for you then? How does that resonate with what you’re doing now?

Some horizons need expanding, and there is something important to learn or realise about your current situation or plans. Which dreams are evaporating? Have you woken up to a new dream, or at least the realisation that an old one is no longer – or never was – working? Align your thoughts and feelings consciously and dare to let go of the biggest illusion – that you are controlling any of this! There is a bigger picture calling you from the inside. Sit still with me and listen from the heart.

Much love and light,