Holi Moly – Spring is finally here!

We’ve just passed spring equinox and this week’s full moon (also a lunar exclipse!) highlights big celebrations in nearly every major religion. Despite the superficial differences, all these traditions have so much in common!

Holi is the South Asian festival of colours, which I love because – at least for one day – all people celebrate as equals, and enjoy the (mostly) innocent fun of throwing coloured powder on anyone and everyone around.

Just like the pre-Christian Easter festival, called Ostara, Holi is also a celebration of the vibrant fertility and abundance of spring, marking a rebirth following the darker months of winter.

This also mirrors the theme of resurrection underlying the Christian celebration of Easter – which is also held just after the first full moon following spring equinox.

And the Christian celebrations borrow heavily from the traditions of the Jewish Passover, which is also a celebration of freedom and renewal.

The common theme here is the connection to the cycles of nature and celestial events, humbly acknowledged by so many spiritual traditions around the world.

Different food, different faces – but the same delight in the renewal of life!

Whichever way you celebrate this time of year, I wish you an inspiring and invigorating fresh new start in your life!

With love and light,