Sound Healing Workshops

Sound Healing Workshops

Join Ram Vakkalanka to learn about the profound practice of Nāda Yoga, which he describes as:

“A combination of philosophy, medicine, metaphysics, and physical yoga, the premise of Nada Yoga is that all things in the Universe, including living beings, are made of sound vibrations, called Nada. It is believed that Nada is the building block of the cosmos and that this energy brings everything together. This connection with sound means that Nada Yoga is often associated with music, harmony, chanting, and how these things can bring beings closer to oneness with the cosmos. Nada is also often used to bring focus to ones energy centers, or Chakra. The use of sound in this way can have a vibrant healing effect as well as psychological benefits. It is believed that there two types of music: internal and external. External, of course, being the music that we consume through our sense of sound. Internal music, however, consists of the vibrations within us. With a strong focus, one can hear their own inner music. Additionally, when the internal and external come into harmony, the effects are beautiful.”

Friday September 11th from 19:00 to 21:30
Introduction to the Sacred sounds of Sanskrit

Sat September 12th from 9:45-12:45
Revitalize yourself thru Mantra
(N.B. will be at 53 rue Alphonse Renard)

Sat September 12th from 14-17:00
Inner healing through Mantra

Sunday September 13th from 9:45-12:45
Balancing the Chakras through Nada Yoga

Sunday September 13th from 14-17:00
Puja – Complete Awakening

190 euro for the entire weekend – early-bird price 175 euro until 15 August 2015 – 45 euro per single session

Inspiration asbl – BE58 3630 3840 6279