Peace is an inside job.

Happy International Day of Peace!

Given our current global situation, it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow at this ill-fated UN Day of Peace, celebrated each year on the 21st of September since 1981. Let’s leave aside the sad truth that the world is considerably less peaceful now than it was in 1981, and take this opportunity to remember that cultivating the peace we so strongly crave is unquestionably an inside job. This is no conspiracy theory! This is time-tested wisdom that shows us clearly the most direct path to peace.

Many of you will have joined me in chanting the shanti mantra “Om Shantisshantisshantihi” at the end of our yoga classes, and occasionally afterwards I elaborate on one of the many reasons for chanting shanti three times in succession. I especially like the notion that there are three important aspects to the peace we experience in life: firstly, the peace residing deep in our heart, which subsequently nourishes the peace that we share in the relationships around us, which in turn feeds into the peace we experience in the world around us. We can’t demand a peaceful world without practicing peace in our own heart, and that is the only peace over which we have any control!

There is a likelihood of inner frustration and angst right now stemming from the major personal and societal changes that many of us are sensing on the horizon. This is a good time for deep inner exploration – if you’re old enough, you might also reflect on what was going on in June 1996 to get a clearer sense of what relationship patterns or ways of being need to be refreshed or even released right now. Avoid any hasty moves for the next two or three weeks, as any difficult adjustments will become clearer and better understood later in October.

Take some time out to listen to your inner chatter, and question it now and then. Is it helping you find peace? Can you turn your attention to an inner stillness that allows you to get closer to peace? What does it mean to you to be at peace?

Whatever is happening on the outside, you are already whole and perfect on the inside. Don’t let impatience or a feeling of inadequacy tip you off balance. It’s only change, and everything comes at just the right time!

I hope to see you again soon – perhaps at our little Open House event next Sunday!

With much love and light,

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