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Mindful Mondays

Food for body & soul
with Susan Hopkinson & Teresa Fernandez-Gil, PhD

Join us one Monday each month to practice mindful consumption and healthy eating with two experts in their field. Susan begins each session with a discussion and practice of mindfulness centered on mindful eating, then Teresa guides us step-by-step through the preparation of a very simple yet nutritious meal (always gluten, dairy and sugar-free!) that we will enjoy eating together mindfully in Noble Silence.

The full course comprises 4 sessions in spring 2015 from 11-13:00

Monday 16 March
Monday 27 April
Monday 18 May
Monday 8 June

at Inspiration Yoga Centre, 55 rue Alphonse Renard, XL.

145 euro for the complete series / 45 euro for one session
Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer to Inspiration asbl – BE58 3630 3840 6279

Being mindful of how and what we eat is both a spiritual and an ethical practice. When we slow down and notice what we are doing in any part of the day, we connect to the present moment and become calmer and more focused.

Doing this while preparing and eating our food improves digestion, absorption of nutrients and allows us to recognize when we have eaten enough – which is often well before our plates are empty! As a result, we eat to live, rather than live to eat. We can also more clearly see how our ways of consuming affect all of life around us, and appreciate how much was involved in bringing food to our table.

Our food is the gift of the whole universe!

Susan Hopkinson has practiced yoga since 1985 and taught since 1998. Yogic and Buddhist teachings have given her support and guidance through major life challenges, and amongst her most influential teachers she credits Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh with showing her the power of living mindfully in the present moment. Susan and her two teens have been going to Mindfulness retreats at Plum Village in France several weeks a year since 2008.

Teresa Fernandez-Gil, PhD, works as a Nutritionist and Health Counselor. She practices an integrative approach that has helped many people revive their health and vitality by introducing key but easy changes in their lifestyle and cooking habits. She currently practices in Brussels where she resides with her husband and four children.