Shoot for the Moon!

Many people are experiencing a restless sense of treading water without progressing as quickly as (or in the particular way) they would like to, and there can be a pent-up desire for change that is frustrated by the need (?) to balance goals and dreams with everyday life. Part of this frustration comes from not daring to risk stretching and growing outside of the comfort zone – who could you be if you did so? Today’s full moon in Leo stirs this up along with the question of how we as individuals fit into and contribute to society (opposing Sun in Aquarius). Keep dreaming big, and practice patience along with a deeper awareness of who you really are. Everything unfolds with time if we remain open to change.

The inquiry “Who am I?” is a powerful way to practice shedding all of the imagined layers of identity that are not the truth of the Self. This line of questioning reveals a lot about the attachments and neuroses generated by fear and anxiety. These neuroses and identity attachments are what prevent us from embracing change, and keep us from expanding into life itself. The Self that you are can withstand any major loss, illness, financial challenges – bring ’em on! When we connect to the truth of life we can let go of temporal fears and understand that this play won’t go on forever, so we should enjoy it while it lasts, bringing our gifts and talents to centre stage and not wasting time fretting over details.

Full moons are always symbolised by a sense of completion, and this one coincides with the ancient Celtic celebration of Imbolc – the midway point between Winter solstice and Spring Equinox – a time to get spring cleaning, shedding the heaviness of winter and opening up to the potential of new life and creativity. Detoxify if needed, learn to meditate, exercise more, find joy in little things.

This is also a very creative time, with many planets supporting creativity and inspiration in the next few weeks – is it time to dust off the paint brushes, or that old guitar? Creative self-expression supports everything else we do in our lives, so find time for it!

Until the middle of the month, turn within as much as you want (or can!) – you will surely feel inspired to move into action by the time of the new moon around 19 February, and if you haven’t got the clarity you need by then, it will be there by early April.

Where are you being asked to shine your light? What is really preventing you from evolving? We need you to be yourself, fully. Celebrate your uniqueness, and shoot for the moon!

Much love and light as always,

P.S. the Full Moon Meditation won’t take place this month due to a full schedule, but you can listen to a guided meditation here –