New moon, new start!

New moon, new start!


Early September has always felt more like a new beginning for me than New Year’s day, perhaps because the long vacation period helps to create a fresh perspective on life. This summer I have been fully devoted to rebalancing my energy after a difficult spring, when exhaustion debilitated me for a few months. I’m now taking my time and enjoying the opportunity to live in the rhythm of each day, something I have not been able to do since I was a child!

These past few months have been yet another chance to draw strength and courage from my yoga practice.  It’s rather humbling to suddenly be unable to walk upstairs without difficulty, when one is used to being very active.  In the past, this has happened to me as the result of major operations or illness, but as our bodies age, the adrenal glands get depleted if they have been over-taxed or imbalanced for too long. So seemingly from one day to the next, getting up became a serious physical challenge, and while the mind has lots of plans and ideas, the body simply says: NO!

In moments of surrender we learn something about the deeper lessons of life, and when the resistance to what is happening finally ceases, we can begin to hear to the message.

My strength has been returning over the past few weeks, although I still remain careful to balance out the activities of each day. I continue to receive people for individual sessions and astrology consultations, but don’t have plans at the moment for bigger commitments. I really miss teaching, though, and especially the wonderful interactions with you all, and I intend to begin a new class as soon as the time is right.

The one regular session I will continue for the moment is the group Healing and Meditation Circle, Tuesdays from 10-12 a chez moi. It’s too cozy not too do it!  Let me know if you would like to join us one of these weeks.

Speaking of right timing, today there is a new moon in the sign of Virgo (service, duty, health), which is opposed by Chiron, the planet of healing. This new moon cycle is an opportunity to restructure our daily activities and attitudes around our health and work habits. The influence of Virgo gives us the ability to set goals and stick with them, to take a concept and give it legs. The shadow side of Virgo is being too critical and judgemental, even self-loathing, preventing the needed constructive developments. With Chiron strongly affecting the moon, there is a call to examine old wounds, perhaps from childhood, which continue to operate beneath the surface today.

Saturn (structure) and Mars (action) are also conversing with this moon, wrapping up something of a cycle that began in August 2012, and was highlighted again in January 2013. What needs action, restructuring, or throwing out?! All of this is leading up to another pivot point of the revolutionary aspect, Uranus (innovation, surprise) squaring Pluto (the hidden depths), which will be exact on November 1st. The news these days is nothing if not confusing and disturbing for it’s contradictory messages and surprising revelations of the ugly underbelly of humanity. Don’t pay attention to it if you are upset by it – focus on remaining fluid and responsive to life as it’s happening. We’re all in a giant sandbox, and none of this stuff is meant to last very long, so play with it!

Just before dying in hospital last Friday, the magnificent Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet Seamus Heaney texted his wife with the latin words: noli temere – “do not be afraid”.  We live our lives with one part firmly grounded in the tangible, material world, and the other in the invisible realms of spirit, to varying degrees. We must truly and fearlessly honour both aspects in order to change and grow throughout life, especially in these times of rapid change and revolution.

Know that on a higher level, regardless of how difficult life appears to be on the material plane, everything is perfect as it is, and was somehow meant to be just so.

Much love and light as always,


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