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Yoga Therapy

Traditionally, yoga was taught on a one-to-one basis, so the teaching and the practice could be adapted to the individual's needs. Individual classes allow for a relationship of trust to develop between student and teacher, and ensure that the student's current life situation is taken into account in the formulation of a personal yoga practice and/or daily routine.

Yoga and ayurveda have been established in tandem through thousands of years of evidence-based practice and results, leading to a complete system based upon ancient wisdom and knowledge. Another way of saying this is that both approaches are profoundly rooted in common sense!

At times the therapeutic solutions to various physical and mental health issues, seem obvious and simplistic, because we are always looking to achieve balance, which requires the application of the opposite energy to that which is disturbing you. In keeping with these ayurvedic principles, a personalised programme will be developed for you according to your basic constitution (prakriti), and the current health imbalance (dosha).

75-minute session 75 euro

A series of five sessions (valid for three months from the first session) 325 euro

Sessions take place in person at 53 or 55 Rue Alphonse Renard, 1050 Brussels, or via Skype - arrangements will be confirmed when the appointment is finalised.
A 15 euro surcharge applies for sessions at your home or office.


Why do yoga therapy?

A yoga therapy session can be used to explore and develop various aspects of yoga practice...


What happens during a yoga therapy session?

Each yoga therapy session is unique, as it depends upon the needs and requests of the individual...


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