What I offer

Payment can be made in cash at in-person sessions
or via bank transfer or PayPal prior to the session.
All online consultations are to be paid at time of booking.

Inspiration asbl – BE58 3630 3840 6279 – BBRUBEBB

PayPal – susan.hopkinson@me.com

N.B. For all personalized classes, payment is due for cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment, except in cases of force majeure. There is a 15 euro travel surcharge for individual or corporate appointments at the client’s address within Brussels.

N.B. Une consultation non décommandée 24h à l’avance sera portée en compte au client, sauf en cas de force majeure. Un supplément de 15 euros est demandé pour les frais de déplacement sur Bruxelles-Capitale.

Individual Yoga Therapy/Spiritual Counselling session (75 minutes) – €75

Personalised Yoga Therapy programme (5 x 75 mins within 90 days) – €325

Ayurvedic Counselling session (75 minutes) – €75

90-minute Astrology consultation
Includes an in-depth natal chart interpretation (ancestral influence, childhood, life path) plus current transits – €155 in person/€145 via the internet [€140/€130 Returning clients]

60-minute Astrology consultation
An overview of the natal chart plus current transits – €120 in person/€110 online [€105/€95]

45-minute Astrology consultation
A current planetary transit reading, also good as a follow-up to a full reading  – €95/€85 [€85/€75]

90-minute Relationship Astrology (Synastry) consultation
Based on the natal charts of two individuals, and that of the relationship itself. If no exact time of birth is available, a relationship chart can be created based on the time of first meeting between the two people involved – €165/€155 [€145/€135]

Click here to book a consultation with me for any of the sessions above!

60-minute RECORDED Astrology reading – no appointment necessary!
The general natal chart interpretation and current transits in an Mp3 file sent via We Transfer – €110 [€95]

Astro-cartography Report
A written report of the harmonious or disharmonious energies of up to 6 cities or regions around the world, as they relate to your personal natal chart. Please specify the cities or regions of interest at the time of booking – €54

Sabian Symbols Report
A written report of the symbolic overview of the most important degree points in your birth or progressed chart. A precise birth time is necessary. Wonderful to use as a meditation tool and as a trigger to awaken the unconscious mind – €27

Laughter Yoga session for groups/events (30-45 minutes) – €75

Contact me here to order recordings, reports or to book a laughter yoga session!

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