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    Shine your inner light

    Think back to how you broadened your horizons the last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius, from November 2006 to December 2007, especially in the area of life ruled by Sagittarius in your natal horoscope.

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    Virgo New Moon

    Yesterday’s New Moon in Virgo highlights the theme of societal and governmental transformation that we have been grappling with for quite a long time now, while at the same time showing us where we need to be our own authority and how we are taking care – or not – of our personal structures like our body, our health and…

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    Full Moon in Scorpio

    You might have experienced a sense of irritability or more than the usual amount of stress or agitation over the past few days leading up to the Full Moon in Scorpio overnight from Sunday to Monday (12:57 am UTC). The pressure is lifting now and the next few days will bring you a more uplifting and productive energy, so be…

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    Ready, set, GO! A good time for an upgrade.

    Feeling ready to move on in life? With a new lunar cycle just underway, and a new solar cycle about to begin at the Vernal Equinox on Tuesday afternoon, these are good days to make serious plans for what you want to create in the weeks and months ahead, and start taking action this week. In yoga, we use Sankalpa…

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    New moon, new impetus for change

    Today the Moon meets the Sun in Libra beginning a new month-long cycle which will especially reveal issues in relationship – how you handle them and with whom. Uranus is directly opposite the Sun and Moon, meaning that outcomes can be very different to what was expected.ย  Either way, relationships will be changing a lot around this time – either…

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    Fear is a sign to come home to yourself

    Fear seems to be a major driver in our world these days and adds to a generalised feeling of instability and upset that requires constant examination and rebalancing, lest we get sucked into the turmoil. A couple of weeks ago, following a series of tests on my beleaguered hip, an orthopaedic surgeon recommended operating as a way of resolving the…

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    The art of planning without expectation or attachment

    Things rarely go the way we hope they will, yet we continue to operate day to day as if we know what is coming next. For most people, the word ‘planning’ probably conjures up some form or implicit or explicit to-do list along with an expectation that things willย work out accordingly.ย  Alas, as the saying goes, God laughs when we’re…

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    A fresh start!

    One of the highest teachings of all the great spiritual traditions inevitably also turns out to be one of the most difficult to implement. Non-attachment makes so much sense intellectually, but in practice we find ourselves twisted up in emotions and habits that make letting go of the past a pretty sticky affair. But exhale deeply folks, because if ever…

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    Introduction to Elemental Yoga

    Dive into Water under the Gaze of the Moon Special series of 3 Workshops on the Moon days of 11 & 26 February plus 12 March 2017 We are all created uniquely and therefore we each have our own imbalances. Yoga can become our own inner medicine when we know how to listen to what the body is asking for.…