Some of our Teachers

Catherine Drouet-Jean

Canadienne, Catherine est diplômée de l'école Les Ailes du Yoga à Paris en Ashtanga Vinyasa et de Little Lotus à Montréal en yoga pour enfants. Depuis 2007, elle enseigne l'Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, le yoga prénatal, le yoga maman-bébé et le yoga pour enfants. C'est avec bonheur et bonne humeur qu'elle explore et transmet cette pratique millénaire. Le yoga l'a accompagné durant ses deux grossesses. Ses cours sont bilingues FR/EN. Catherine grew up in Canada and received her Ashtanga Vinyasa teachers certificate from Les Ailes du Yoga in Paris and Kids Yoga training from Little Lotus in Montreal. She has been teaching Ashtanga yoga, prenatal yoga, "mommy and me" and kids yoga since 2007. Through her practice and teaching, she is committed to exploring yoga with joy and humanity. Yoga became even more fundamental during her two pregnancies. Classes are bilingual EN/FR. - 0471 86 52 12

Elisabeth Rivasseau

Elisabeth discovered yoga in 1995. She was first trained in the Sivananda lineage and spent nine years in the USA following Iyengar classes, adapting her teachings to meet the various needs of her students. She became a yoga therapist through IYT (Integrative Yoga Therapy) and is a member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists). Her mission is to help you integrate yoga in your daily life and discover the benefits of it. She specializes in offering yogic tools to help you manage stress, anxiety and trauma (PTSD). Elisabeth provides you with a space to be heard and supported on your life journey through a yoga practice adapted to all your dimensions (physical, energetic, emotional, mental & spiritual). She offers individual and group classes. She is French, married and the happy mother of three boys. Her classes are bilingual English/French and she also speaks Spanish.   Elisabeth découvre le yoga en 1995. Elle est certifiée auprès de Sivananda. Elle a passé neuf ans aux États-Unis en suivant des cours d’Iyengar. Elle a ainsi très vite adapté son enseignement aux besoins variés de ses élèves. Elle est diplômée de IYT (Integrative Yoga Therapy) et membre de IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists). Sa mission est de vous aider à intégrer le yoga dans votre vie quotidienne afin d’en découvrir les bénéfices. Elle s’est spécialisée dans la gestion du stress, de l’anxiété et du trauma (stress post-traumatique). Elisabeth vous offre un espace où vous serez écouté et soutenu sur votre chemin de vie à travers une pratique de yoga adaptée à toutes vos dimensions (physique, énergétique, émotionnelle, mentale et spirituelle). Elle propose des cours individuels et de groupes. Elle est française, mariée et maman comblée de trois garçons. Ses cours sont bilingues Français/Anglais et elle parle aussi l’espagnol.

Katariina Bastos

Katariina found her yoga practice in 2007, in the aftermath of the birth of her second child and post-natal baby blues and sore back. She figured out that yoga was a way to forward, physically, mentally and spiritually. She has practised with different teachers, and different varieties of yoga. Having gone through a severe burnout during busy working years as a mother to 2 young boys, she survived with yoga and in addition, found herself being healthier than ever before. She is passionate about health&nutrition and ayurveda, and has studied and experimented these extensively. Her mission is to help people with her experience and knowledge on yoga, health, nutrition and wellbeing, both in homes and working live. Katariina offers also workshops on yoga, health and wellbeing (homes, working life). Do check the website for all activities - Tel 0473 946 449

Marie-Catherine de Bodinat

Marie-Catherine est Franco-Américaine, installée à Bruxelles depuis 2013. Elle s’est passionnée pour la MLC © Méthode de Libération des Cuirasses de Marie-Lise Labonté qui lui a permis d’être à l’écoute de son corps, de dialoguer avec lui et de retrouver le bien-être. Devenue praticienne elle donne des séances en français et en anglais. Vous bénéficierez de son enthousiasme à partager cette méthode qui permet de retrouver la profondeur de son être à travers le mouvement. Par ailleurs elle exerce son métier d’enseignement de l’anglais et du français comme langue étrangère aux adultes. Franco-American living in Brussels since 2013 Marie-Catherine de Bodinat is happy to teach MLC Méthode de Libération des Cuirasses created by Marie-Lise Labonté, a global approach to the body through movement to gradually free oneself from emotional, physical and mental « cuirasses » or protections. You will benefit from her enthusiasm for this gentle method that encourages physical awakening and perception and enables to ease tensions in the body to experience vitality, relaxation and wellbeing. The courses are offered in French and in English. She also teaches French and English as foreign languages. - 0474 80 47 15

Susan Hopkinson

A yoga practitioner since 1985, Susan began teaching yoga in 1998, and qualified as a yoga therapist through the Yoga Biomedical Trust (London) as well as with Mukunda Stiles in 2007. She has studied many approaches to yoga since 1985, and regularly learns from teachers in Europe, India, and North America. Susan believes in teaching people, not poses, making each class unique, focused and transformational, responding to the needs and energy of the moment. The postural practice is just one gateway to understanding yoga, with the ultimate aim of becoming a more fully aware, balanced and integrated being. Most of her work involves individualised yoga or mindfulness-based therapy, distilling Yogic, Tantric, Buddhist and Ayurvedic philosophy into her teaching, and at times referring to the astrological influences of the moment. She teaches mindfulness courses throughout the year, in the spirit and tradition of her teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh. Susan is also an Astrologer, helping clients better understand their life path and karmic lessons, using astrology for therapeutic rather than predictive purposes. - 0473 26 99 90

Valerie Chenain

Valerie découvre la méthode Pilates à Los Angeles il y a plus de 10 ans. Certifiée Authentic Pilates teacher en 2009 par "Center for Movement" à New-York. Certifiée Romana’s Pilates Instructor en 2013 par le Studio de Pilates de Paris. Romana Krysanowska étant la légataire officielle de la Méthode inventée par Joseph Pilates. Formation la plus fidèle a l’enseignement de J.Pilates. Membre de l'association française Romana's Pilates : Je participe à des séminaires professionnels afin de garantir une qualité constante de l’enseignement. Membre de la Fédération des Professionnels de la Méthode Pilates. 2009 : Professeur au studio « Center for Movement »à New-York 2009-2012 : J'ai monté un "home studio" à Prague 2012-2015 : “home studio" à Varsovie. Depuis septembre 2015, j’ai créé mon « home studio » a Bruxelles

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