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Mataji is here – Narvada and Ganga Puri visiting in May!

A taste of India in Brussels! About Mataji and Ganga: Narvada Puri travelled from Germany to India when she was 24 years old. After one year trip around India, she met Baba Santosh Puri, her Guru, and she never left him again. For 30 years, she stayed with him and followed his teaching. They lived […]

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Elisa Novick workshops

Three Workshops: In the Laboratory of Life you will learn a fascinating mode of perception to awaken greater, more fine-tuned self-awareness and develop your innate potential as a loving, spiritual being, capable of effective action in the world. Does something call out in you to be fed, heard, released, or explored in this time of […]

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Laughter Yoga

Do you need a good excuse to laugh?! Laughter yoga is the fastest way to look younger, feel lighter and breathe easier! Enjoy your lunch break and (re-) discover relaxation, mental clarity and joy. Everyone is welcome – No prior experience is needed to remember how to laugh! TUESDAY 16 April from 13:00 to 14:00 […]

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Yoga Therapy for the Back

Monthly workshops to learn proper alignment, strengthen and balance the body to ease and heal back pain, which is most often due to poor posture.

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Healing and Meditation Circle

Learn various simple healing practices to use at any time, including Marma (pressure points), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Naada Yoga (sound healing) and gentle movement,  followed by a meditative practice. Our group energy heals and uplifts participants as well as those around us in body and spirit. 9 and 16 April, plus every Tuesday in May […]

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Sound Healing and Meditation

Chanting, vocal toning, breath work and silence prepare us for the practice of meditation. Don’t be shy – no musical talent is needed to benefit from the healing vibrations of your own voice! Here’s a fascinating article about how words and frequencies affect our DNA – what sages have known for ages! Sunday and Wednesday […]

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