Order a recorded astrology transit reading before January 31st for only €65! Provide your time, date and place of birth when you order (given the nature of this reading, it will not be possible for those who don’t know their time of birth). Contact Susan today!

Commandez une lecture de transit en astrologie (enregistrée) avant le 31 janvier pour seulement 65 €! Indiquez votre heure, date et lieu de naissance lors de votre commande (étant donné la nature de cette interprétation, il ne sera pas possible pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas leur heure de naissance). Contactez Susan

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Since ancient times, sages and yogis have understood our intimate relationship with the universe. Our human existence is a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm, and vice-versa. They understood that from knowing the time and place of birth, past experiences and future potentials can be understood, along with the karmic lessons one needs to learn in this lifetime and the life path one came here to fulfill.

“First of all to say thank you for our wonderful session, and most of all, for the generous, kind and delicate manner you presented me my astrology chart.  I just couldn’t write because I felt a mix of feelings I did not know how to manage: joy, fear, shock. Shock to hear with what accuracy you have been able to identify spot-on the tale of my life. But not only, also this soul-searching, my questionings, my doubts, my downs over the past two-three years and the sort of resurrection since September. To hear all this summarised was both deeply troubling and comforting.  I knew I was going to some transitional phase, but did not realise how transformational this was and would be.” ~ M.C., Brussels

Human beings have the capacity to make choices, and this perception of free will means that some will choose to live a life very different from his or her potential, which is likely to cause suffering and struggle. Living in accordance with one’s highest potential brings joy, creativity and a sense of accomplishment. Each person decides how to use the energy of the birth chart, which is like a personal road map for life’s journey, with many possible routes and detours.

“I just listened our astrological consultation recorded half a year ago.   Your lucidity, kindness and generosity were beautiful gifts for me in a moment of great disorientation. Thank you for shining light onto my constitutional strengths and difficulties. You clearly spoke of the intertwined nature of problems and healing. Moreover, you patiently listened to detailed information and recontextualized it in a broader context.  And thank you for your presence then and now.  … Your insights into [my child’s] personality, talents and sensitivity remain priceless.” ~ Y.M., Italy

Sessions take place via internet (Skype/FaceTime/Zoom, etc.)
or in person at 53 Rue Alphonse Renard, 1050 Brussels
by arrangement at the time of scheduling.

Appointments are typically available within 2 weeks of booking.

Given the preparation involved for each session, advance payment is requested by bank transfer to BE58 3630 3840 6279 – BBRUBEBB – OR via PayPal or Payconiq using mentioning your full name & date of consultation.

Fees indicated include an Mp3 recording of the consultation
for future reference – online consultations receive a €10 discount.

[Returning client fees are shown in brackets]


Have a burning question? Get it answered in writing via email!
I’m often asked to look at a small issue or aspect of a person’s chart or current situation, which takes time to review and prepare. So I now offer the option of one question answered via email for €27. Your time, date and place of birth are needed along with the question and any other background information you might need me to know. If your question is complex, or is in essence a series of questions, please book a 45-minute transit reading instead to get a full answer.
Allow 24 to 72 hours for the written response.

90-minute Astrology consultation
Includes an in-depth natal chart interpretation (ancestral influence, childhood, life path) plus current transits – €155 in person/€145 via the internet [€140/€130 Returning clients]

60-minute Astrology consultation
An overview of the natal chart plus current transits – €120 in person/€110 online [€105/€95]

60-minute RECORDED Astrology reading – no appointment necessary!
The general natal chart interpretation and current transits in an Mp3 file sent via We Transfer – €110 [€95]

45-minute Astrology consultation
A current planetary transit reading, also good as a follow-up to a full reading  – €95/€85 [€85/€75]

90-minute Relationship Astrology (Synastry) consultation
Based on the natal charts of two individuals, and that of the relationship itself. If no exact time of birth is available, a relationship chart can be created based on the time of first meeting between the two people involved – €165/€155 [€145/€135]

Astro-cartography Report
A written report of the harmonious or disharmonious energies of up to 6 cities or regions around the world, as they relate to your personal natal chart. Please specify the cities or regions of interest at the time of booking – €54

Sabian Symbols Report
A written report of the symbolic overview of the most important degree points in your birth or progressed chart. A precise birth time is necessary. Wonderful to use as a meditation tool and as a trigger to awaken the unconscious mind – €27

Important information about your Astrology Consultation:

Please send me your exact time, date and place of birth at the time of booking your appointment. If you have any questions you want to address specifically, you can let me know at the time of booking or during our session.

If you’re not sure of the time of birth, only a general reading will be possible. More precise readings will possible if the birth time is accurate, or within 10-15 minutes of the actual birth time.

It is not possible to prepare a reading for a third person except at the request of parents on behalf of their own child under 16 years of age.

Carl Jung in a letter to renowned Indian astrologer B.V. Raman, 6th September 1947:

“Since you want to know my opinion about astrology I can tell you that I’ve been interested in this particular activity of the human mind since more than 30 years. As I am a psychologist, I am chiefly interested in the particular light the horoscope sheds on certain complications in the character. In cases of difficult psychological diagnosis, I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle. I must say that I very often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand. From such experiences, I formed the opinion that astrology is of particular interest to the psychologist since it contains a sort of psychological experience which we call ‘projected’ – this means that we find the psychological facts as it were in the constellations.” 

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