Astrology for the Soul

Astrology for the Soul

Since ancient times, yogis have understood our intimate relationship with the universe. Our human existence is a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm, and vice-versa. They understood that from knowing the time and place of birth, past experiences and future potentials can be understood, along with the karmic lessons one needs to learn in this lifetime and the life path one came here to fulfill.

Human beings have the capacity to make choices, and this free will means that some will choose to live a life very different from his or her potential, which is likely to cause suffering and struggle. Living in accordance with one’s highest potential brings joy, creativity and a sense of accomplishment. Our free will means that each person decides how to use the energy of the birth chart, which is like a personal road map for life’s journey, with many possible routes and detours.

90-minute Evolutionary Astrology reading – 120 euro

45-minute follow-up Astrology reading (also good for a current planetary transit reading) – 60 euro

Sabian Symbols Report – 20 euro
A symbolic overview of the planetary degree points in your birth or progressed chart. Wonderful to use as a meditation tools and as a trigger to awaken the unconscious.

Sessions take place in person at 53 Rue Alphonse Renard, 1050 Brussels – or – via Skype/FaceTime

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