New moon, new start!

Namaste! Early September has always felt more like a new beginning for me than New Year’s day, perhaps because the long vacation period helps to create a fresh perspective on life. This summer I have been fully devoted to rebalancing my energy after a difficult spring, when exhaustion debilitated me for a few months. I’m […]

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Healing in the Laboratory of Life

I’ve just returned from a weekend yoga retreat in the beautiful Belgian Ardennes, where trees seem to caress each other and a multitude of birds provides the musical score for the entire experience. Being in nature is essential to our well being, although living in the city we can easily forget this, and feel cut […]

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Understanding Anger

One of the most compelling reasons to overcome anger is that it destroys our own peace of mind, while harming others as well. But if there’s one thing the ego hates, it’s having to sacrifice a good old rant to a noble ideal!

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Chai bella!

I must confess to a personal addiction to masala chai, which for me is the essence of the Himalayas in a cup. Each sip of spicy warmth reminds me of the magic of remote mountain villages and tiny tea stalls found in the most unlikely places, including perched on a 2500m high mountain ridge. Hot, […]

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