About Susan

About Susan

A yoga practitioner since 1985, Susan began teaching yoga in 1998 following her first teacher training in Goa, India, in 1997. She qualified as a yoga therapist through the Yoga Biomedical Trust in London (now known as Yoga Campus) and with Mukunda Stiles, both in 2007. She has studied Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy with David Frawley, A.G. Mohan and Vasant Lad.

Susan empowers her students to examine their lives beyond the physical body, and stresses a holistic approach to self-realisation. Most of her work involves individualised yoga or mindfulness-based therapy, distilling Yogic, Tantric, Buddhist and Ayurvedic philosophy into her teaching, and at times referring to the astrological influences of the moment. She teaches mindfulness courses throughout the year, in the spirit and tradition of her longtime teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh (Thây).

Susan’s classes are always inspiring and her supportive way of teaching leaves her students feeling refreshed. Adapting yoga practice and daily habits to meet individual needs helps to find one’s personal optimal balance, so each session has a flow and an emphasis according to the energy and needs of students.

She believes in teaching people, not poses, making each Hatha Yoga class unique, focused and transformational, responding to the needs and energy of the moment. The postural practice is just one gateway to understanding yoga, with the ultimate aim of becoming a more fully aware, balanced and integrated being.

At the moment, Susan is not teaching weekly group yoga classes to free up more time for individual yoga therapy and astrological consultations. Read more about that decision here.

A gifted astrologer, Susan helps people to understand themselves and their life journey better through their birth charts and current astrological influences, in keeping with the ancient tradition of harmonising our inner experience with the outer world and the entire cosmos.

She also manages Inspiration Yoga Centre, the continuation of her ideal of creating a space for teaching and sharing the gifts and wisdom of yoga and healing practices, and offering a platform for other teachers to do the same.

Of Irish descent, Susan was born in the US and raised in Canada. She came to Brussels in 1991 for an internship at the European Commission, which led to a brief career in international institutions. Eventually, her love of yoga took over after realising the deep satisfaction of watching people tap into their higher potential and discover and transform themselves through ancient wisdom teachings.

Susan continues to live in Brussels with her teenage daughter and son, and their dog, Metta.

Gurur-devo maheshvarah
Guruh sakshat param brahma
Tasmai shri gurave namah

Guru is the Creator (Brahma)
Guru is the Preserver (Vishnu)
Guru is the Dissolver (Shiva)
Guru, indeed, is the limitless Consciousness.
Homage to that supreme inner Guide.

Guru Stotram, composed by the sage Shankaracharya, 9th century CE

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