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About me

I have taught yoga in Brussels since 1998, and qualified as a yoga therapist through the Yoga Biomedical Trust (London) and with Mukunda Stiles in 2007. I began studying various approaches to yoga in 1985, and regularly learn from leading teachers in India, Europe, the United States and Canada. BKS Iyengar, TKV Desikachar, Srivatsa Ramaswami, Vanda Scaravelli, David Swenson and Mark Whitwell have been among my most renowned influences, but it is the numerous lesser-known teachers from India and around the world who have contributed most to my deeper understanding of yoga.

My classes are focused and transformational. I believe it's important to teach people, not poses, which makes each class unique, responding to the needs and energy of the moment. Relevant concepts of Vedic and Buddhist philosophy and Ayurveda, India's ancient science of well-being, are woven into my teaching to add depth to the postural practice, which I see as simply one gateway to yoga.

I feel strongly that life's challenges present an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, and are like signposts on the path to awakening. In my experience, the practice of all aspects of yoga heals, empowers and inspires people. I find it deeply satisfying to watch students tap into their potential and discover and transform themselves through yoga.

Using Evolutionary Astrology, I also guide people to understand their current life path, soul's purpose and past life energies and karmas, which is an enormous aid on the way to Self-Awareness.

My roots are in Toronto, and I've been living in Brussels since 1991, where I live with my teenage daughter and son.

My hatha yoga therapy practice includes clients dealing with emotional and physical health issues such as back problems, high blood pressure, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, breast cancer, anxiety and depression.

Gurur-devo maheshvarah
Guruh sakshat param brahma
Tasmai shri gurave namah

Guru is the Creator (Brahma)
Guru is the Preserver (Vishnu)
Guru is the Dissolver (Shiva)
Guru, indeed, is the limitless Consciousness.
Homage to that supreme inner Guide.

Guru Stotram, composed by the sage Shankaracharya, 9th century CE

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