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Yoga is a way of being in harmony with life.

Developed in India thousands of years ago, yogic precepts promote ways of harmonizing the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of yourself, as well as for living harmoniously with everyone and everything around you. Our sedentary and fast-paced modern life frequently leaves us feeling tense, unwell and out of control, and a yogic lifestyle helps to find a better balance, inside and out.

When your yoga practice and daily habits are adapted to meet your individual needs you can find your unique and optimal balance. Susan Hopkinson’s classes are always inspiring and her supportive way of teaching leaves her students feeling calm and refreshed. Each session has a flow and an emphasis which is unique, according to the energy and needs of her students. Susan empowers her students to examine their lives beyond the physical body, and stresses a holistic approach to self-realisation.

A yoga practitioner since 1985, Susan began teaching yoga in 1998. She distills Yogic, Tantric, Buddhist and Ayurvedic philosophy into her teaching, and at times referring to the astrological influences of the moment.

Susan also organizes regular yoga workshops and events, such as visits from foreign teachers, as well as yoga retreats in Europe and India, where she spends several weeks every year.

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